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  • The Art of Client Management

    A veteran of the damage repair field shares his insights on how to satisfy your client without losing your shirt.

  • A Customer-Service Program That Works

    Keeping customers happy is essential to business success and a builder’s peace of mind. Here’s how one Denver-area builder learned to handle callbacks.

  • To License or Not to License

    Licensing or registration of builders is the law in 32 states, and is being considered by many more. Do these laws really improve quality, or just add red tape and costs?

  • Managing Jobsite Safety

    A safety administrator reviews the esential elements of a successful safety program—now an economic necessity for many companies.

  • Model Code Primer

    Understanding the politics of code development can help you cope better with their effects, and maybe play a role in improving them.

  • Success With Subs

    Get the quality and cooperation you need by following some basic guidelines.

  • Taking Care of Business: Macintosh Style!

    Until recently, few programs let builders take advantage of the power of the Macintosh computer. The new software products reviewed here are beginning to change all that.










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