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  • Brick Veneer & Steel Studs: Performance Questions

    Two structural engineers who consult on brick veneer failures describe common problems they see and their causes.

  • Choosing Steel Tools

    Not all steel is created equal. Here are the basics on what types of steel to look for in pounding, prying, cutting, and drilling tools.

  • Fast & Accurate Wall Framing

    A veteran production framer tells where it pays to take your time, and where to go full speed ahead, in wall layout and framing.

  • First Aid Basics for Builders

    A construction-safety specialist, and former paramedic, outlines first aid procedures for common job site injuries.

  • Hollow-Wall Fasteners

    Standard Molly and toggle bolts remain the right choice for many light-duty fastening jobs. But a host of new anchors may better suit your needs.

  • Installing Bay Windows

    There are many ways to frame and trim out a bay. This approach uses layout shortcuts and simple details to meet a modest budget.

  • Taking the Bounce Out of Floors and Beams

    A building engineer explains why buildings flex, and gives some simple rules for keeping the bounce out of floors and the bend out of beams.





  • Q&A: Is Aluminum Wiring Safe?

    Q: I had never seen aluminum wiring before I encountered it on a recent remodel. Is aluminum compatible with copper wiring? Should the aluminum wiring be replaced?

  • Q&A: Removing Tiles from Plywood

    Q: What is the best way to remove mastic-adhered ceramic tiles from plywood without ruining the subfloor?

  • Q&A: Training for Home Inspection

    Q: I am a contractor hoping to diversify into the home inspection business. What would be the best way to gain the necessary education and proper certification?

  • Q&A: Floor Insulation Over Slabs

    Q: We are remodeling a basement apartment and want to lay a wide plank floor on sleepers over a slab. What is the best way to insulate the floor? Should we install a vapor barrier? If so, where?








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