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  • Case Study: Timber Frame Fiasco

    The five-year-old house looked fine until they opened up a wall and discovered severe decay. A year later, the building was torn down. Here are the lessons learned.

  • Detail: Two Classic Trim Styles

    A finish contractor shows how to satisfy Classical or Victorian tastes using off-the-shelf moldings and a little imagination.

  • Employee Benefits That Work

    Contractors share the benefits they’ve devised to keep employees happy without busting the company’s budget.

  • Field Guide to Common Framing Errors

    In traveling to sites around the country, this field rep sees a lot of framing failures that could have been easily prevented.

  • Keeping Scaffolds Safe

    Understrength or damaged planks cause many staging failures. A wood technologist explains how to avoid these and other accidents.

  • On Site With Gypsonite

    The Journal tests a new type of wall-board that manufacturers promise will revolutionize the industry.

  • Waterborne Finishes for Hardwood Floors

    Originally developed to comply with solvent regs, water-based finishes are now winning converts. A flooring contractor tells how to make them work.





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    Q&A: Eaves Venting With No Soffit

    Q: How can I ventilate the eaves of a roof that has no soffit, but has a gutter on the fascia?

  • Q&A: Footing Concerns With High Water Table

    Q: We are planning to build on a site with fine sand and silt soil. Code requires a foundation depth of at least 2 feet, but during the summer the water table rises to within 2 feet of the surface because of the irrigation of adjacent fields. How should the footing be designed to prevent possible...

  • Q&A: Drying Time for Spray Cellulose

    Q: What is the typical drying time for wet-spray cellulose insulation? What happens if the insulation freezes before it dries? Will it dry after it warms up in the spring?

  • Q&A: Moisture-Resistant Drywall on Porch Ceiling

    Q: Is moisture-resistant drywall an appropriate ceiling material for an open porch?








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