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  • 10th Anniv letter

  • Interview: Rafter Framing with Wood I-Beams

    Illinois builder Mike Hoch explains why he uses engineered members for rafters and offers tips on handling, cutting, and installation.

  • Leakproof Shower Pans

    A veteran tile contractor describes his favorite pan materials and techniques for a durable, leak-free job.

  • Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete

    There’s more to buying concrete than specifying compressive strength. Understanding cement types admixures, and batch-plant basics will help you get the right mix for the job.

  • Sill Repair & Jacking

    A third-generation structural repair contractor tells how to diagnose and fix rotted sills and joist ends.

  • Sub or Employee?

    As skilled labor grows scarcer, reliance on subs is increasing. To protect yourself from legal liability and tax penalties, make sure you follow these guidelines.

  • Ten Tough Energy Questions

    Puzzled by conflicting energy advice? We asked our panel experts to help out by summarizing the latest thinking on a number of thorny issues.

  • Wood Shakes & Shingles

    They’re pretty to look at, but they may not last as long as expected unless installed properly and maintained.








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