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  • Bringing the Bathroom Up to Code

    The bathroom is the most regulated room in the house. A contractor discusses the accessibility, safety, energy, and structural requirements you must comply with.

  • Payment Schedules Everyone Can Live With

    Getting paid on time is one of the toughest — and touchiest — aspects of contracting. JLC looks at three contractors’ solutions.

  • Shear Wall Basics

    Every few years earthquakes cause damage to buildings on the West Coast. We look at new, engineered building practices that are helping frame houses meet the test.

  • Siting A Pond

    The wrong location can turn a scenic pond into a muddy eyesore. An expert pond builder tells how to choose a site that will yield success.

  • Job Cost Accounting

    Keeping track of true job costs requires an organized approach. A veteran remodeler opens his books to show how he does it.





  • Q&A: Clear Coats For Interior Woodwork

    Q: What is the best clear wood finish to use on interior doors and cabinets that are exposed to strong sunlight?

  • Image

    Q&A: Wood Roofs on Dormers

    Q: How should we detail wood shingles on dormers? Are the ridge shingles clipped on the same way as asphalt shingles? Is there a trick to getting the valley flashing to lie flat? What other details are important?







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