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  • A Contractor's Guide to Concrete Anchors

    Traditional lead and zinc anchors required “hole spotting” — the tedious marking and predrilling of oversized holes. The new options we survey are quicker to install and far stronger.

  • Installing Seismic Framing Connectors

    A foreman describes how West Coast contractors install foundation, wall, and roof connectors without breaking the flow of framing.

  • Safer Garage Door Openers

    Because of past accidents, motorized openers are now subject to federal and state safety regs. Here’s what the contractor needs to know to avoid accidents and liability.

  • Selecting Residential Locksets

    We look at the myriad features, functions, and materials that determine which lockset is right for the job.

  • The Business of Lawsuits

    The lawsuit is a business tool, not a quest for justice, says the author. Here’s how to assess when suing makes sense.

  • Traditional Trim in Vinyl and Aluminum

    A New England builder tells how to trim capes and colonials with low-maintenance materials, and still keep a traditional look.





  • Q&A: Painting Stucco

    Q: We are working on a cement-stuccoed house. The old paint is peeling in many places where water leaked from old gutters or was trapped by overgrown shrubbery. We have solved the moisture problems. What is the best way to prepare the stucco surface for new paint?

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    Q&A: Preventing Water Hammer

    Q: What causes hot water pipes to "bang" and how can this be prevented?

  • Q&A: Pressure-Treated Plates on Slabs

    Q: Do you need to use pressure-treated lumber for the bottom plates on interior partitions over a slab?

  • Q&A: Sealing Concrete Deck Over Garage

    Q: Water is leaking through the expansion joint in an above-garage concrete patio. What is the best way to seal this joint?






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