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  • Frame-and-Panel Wainscot

    Paneled wall treatments require careful layout and methodical installation. A veteran carpenter and cabinetmaker tells how.

  • Hybrid Framing With Wood and Steel

    A design/builder describes how his buildings take advantage of the best qualities of wood studs and steel joists.

  • Let's Get Organized: A Builder's Guide

    Ever feel buried under a mountain of paperwork? Here’s a proven plan for organizing your office and your time.

  • Remodeler's Estimating Checklist

    What you overlook in an estimate will probably come back to haunt you. This comprehensive checklist can help keep you out of trouble.

  • Report Cards for Carpenters

    At job review time, how do you decide which workers have earned a raise? This company’s evaluation form may help.

  • Taking the Worry Out of Drinking Water

    As concerns rise over water quality, more contractors will be asked to provide solutions. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

  • Business Tips for Remodelers

    Having a profitable business doesn’t happen by chance. Here are some proven techniques that we picked up recently at the Remodeler’s Show.





  • Q&A: Wiring in Stress-Skin Panels

    Q: How is wiring accommodated in a house built with stress-skin panels? Is it possible to rout a channel in the panel to retrofit a wire?

  • Image

    Q&A: Splicing Hips and Valleys

    Q: Framers in our area typically splice long hip and valley rafters with the scarf joint shown in the illustration. Is this adequate to support the roof load?

  • Q&A: Insulated Waterline in Crawlspace

    Q: I currently work in a mountain region where the winter temperatures go well below freezing. Water lines are set 4 feet below grade. In this climate, how would you recommend bringing a water line through a crawlspace and into a house? Code here requires a ventilated crawlspace.






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