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  • Exterior Trim: Design Basics

    Why do some houses look better than others? An architect explains the fundamental principles that distinguish good exterior details from bad ones.

  • Layout Tricks for Rough Openings

    As any finish sub knows, careful framing smooths the installation of drywall and trim. Follow these guidelines for fast, accurate framing of doors, windows, stairs, and fireplaces.

  • Radiant Slab on a Tight Budget

    Depending on availability, proprietary gypsum-based thin slabs can be expensive. A hydronic engineer describes an innovative, cost-effective approach to pouring a radiant slab.

  • Safety Lessons Learned

    Construction sites are dangerous places, and a moment’s inattention can result in serious injury. As these five stories show, experienced and novice workers are equally vulnerable, and routine tasks are the setting for many accidents.

  • Starting a Safety Program

    It takes more than safety equipment to prevent job-site accidents. A well-designed safety program will teach workers how to identify dangerous practices and help them to plan tasks with safety in mind.

  • Suit Up OSHA-Style

    Personal safety equipment is no longer optional on job sites. Here’s what you need to know to select comfortable gear and use it properly.



  • Letters

    Truss bracing, pressure-treating chemicals



  • Eight-Penny News

    Green builder programs, builders go on line, American-style framing withstands Japan quake



  • Q&A: Twisted Deck Boards

    Q: On more than one occasion, I have installed 5/4x6 pressure-treated wood decking with the growth rings facing down. We screwed the boards down with stainless steel screws, but the edges still curl and warp very badly. How can this be prevented?

  • Image

    Q&A: Heavy Roof Loads From Tile

    Q: We are designing a house with heavy clay roofing tiles (which weigh about 800 pounds per square). How should we calculate the dead loads for choosing our roof rafters?








Kitchen & Bath


  • For What It's Worth

    Rubber roof slates, nonslip eaves membrane, clapboard installation jig, hook-and-loop tape for carpet installation