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  • Controlling Cracks in Concrete Slabs

    It’s inevitable: A concrete slab is going to crack. But how much it cracks, and where, depends on the amount of water in the mix, where you place control joints, and how you finish the slab. Here’s what you need to know for good results.

  • Estimating Rules of Thumb

    A veteran estimator shares tricks and tips that ensure fast and accurate estimates, from foundation to finishes.

  • Building a Round Room

    A job foreman describes step-by-step how he and his crew laid out, framed, and finished two Victorian towers with conical roofs.

  • Simple Layout for Hillside Foundations

    Laying out forms on a steep site doesn’t have to be complicated. An experienced foundation contractor shows how he makes time on complex hillside forming jobs.

  • Survival Tips for Downtown Remodelers

    From double-parking and wrestling materials into the service elevator to tying into electrical and mechanical systems that service a whole building, remodeling in high-rise apartment buildings gets complicated fast. Here’s how one New York City builder has survived the jungle.



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    Reversed polarity question, markup percentages, thin-slab radian




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    Q&A: Truss Uplift Solutions

    Q: What would cause the sole plate of a nonbearing partition wall to pull away from the subfloor? The wall is nailed into roof trusses where they cross it above. There is no sag in the floor system below.

  • Q&A: Bending Wood Shingles

    Q: I’m about to take on a wood-shingle roofing job on an unusual roof with a lot of sinuous curves. I’m planning on steaming and bending strapping to provide a nailing base for the shingles, then steaming and bending the shingles, too. But isn’t there an easier way?







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  • For What It's Worth

    Trimmable truss, expanding foam dispenser, affordable laser level, easy-clean paintbrush