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  • Building Cabinets On Site

    For simple built-ins, a fully equipped cabinet shop can be overkill. This veteran contactor shows how to build professional-grade cabinets using just a circular saw, router, and drill.

  • JLC Live! West Coast Edition

    From job-costing to computer technology, these business tips have been gleaned from some of the most popular seminars at our first western Construction Business & Technology Conference.

  • New 15-Guage Finish Nailers

    We take a close look at the features and compare the performance of nine new trim nailers.

  • Pickup Truck Racks

    Compared to the homemade variety, commercially made racks are more durable and more versatile — and they come with a wide selection of handy accessories. Here’s what’s available in both steel and aluminum truck racks.

  • Replacing a Main Carrying Beam

    When a pair of sagging wood girders and support posts interfered with a new kitchen design, this remodeler replaced them with a clear-span LVL beam. This step-by-step description covers the entire process, from temporary shoring and demolition to site-building the new beam.

  • Working Smarter With Lead Carpenters

    A production manager for a large remodeling firm explains how the lead carpenter system improves communication, increases job efficiency, and boosts profits.



  • Letters

    Another vote against vinyl, chimney spillage warning, on working with architects



  • New England Update

  • Notebook

    Contractor referral services, International Building Code becoming reality, OSHA enforcing fall protection rules






Kitchen & Bath


  • Products

    Cargo bar for the pickup, heavy-duty demo tool, preplumbed showerhead & tub spout, prefab wainscot panel