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  • Controlling Termites and Carpenter Ants with Borates

    Borates have no odor, do not discolor wood, and are no more toxic to humans than common table salt. An expert explains why they are ideal for protecting wood-frame buildings from a broad spectrum of insect pests and decay fungi.

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    Energy-Efficient Cathedral Ceilings

    It’s difficult to achieve a high R-value in a cathedral ceiling while preserving adequate roof ventilation. Here are four options for packing more insulation into the rafters, by an energy-conscious builder who has tried them all.

  • Engineered Studs for Tall Walls

    Fingerjointed, LSL, and LVL studs may be too expensive to use throughout the house, but they’re ideal for select walls that need extra strength or that need to be perfectly flat and straight. We take a look at what’s available.

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    Extreme Stucco

    Hot and cold weather are the enemies of a durable stucco exterior finish. But by following these recommendations, you can apply a long-lasting, good-looking stucco finish in almost any kind of weather.

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    Preventing Tile Failures

    When a tile job fails, it’s easy to blame the materials. But in most cases, shoddy workmanship is the culprit. A tile expert lays out the trouble spots and tells how to prevent problems.

  • Remodeling Basements

    To the homeowner, finishing the basement is an obvious way to gain extra space. To the builder, however, the project is fraught with problems, from moisture and code restrictions to beams and mechanical systems that are in the way. Here are some tips from a builder who works down under — for a...



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    Spray foam defended, CO detectors



  • New England Update

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    Innovative foundation forms, salvaging plants from construction sites, pressure relief for freezing pipes








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    Cordless recip saw, waterproof deck lumber, safe ladder jack staging, prefab templates for undermount sinks