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  • Allowance Pricing That Works

    Clients who overspend allowance prices can take a bite out of your profit. Accurate pricing and clear specs are the keys to this system for surviving allowance overruns.

  • Alternative Septic Systems

    It’s getting harder to find suitable soil for in-ground septic systems. A consulting engineer examines two new technologies for handling residential wastewater.

  • Latex Enamel Problems & Solutions

    Paint that deteriorates prematurely makes the whole job look shoddy. Here are the most common causes for water-based paint failures, and what to do about them.

  • On-Demand Water Heaters

    For occasional hot water usage, or when fixture groups are located far from a central storage tank, instantaneous or point-of-use water heaters can be an economical option.

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    Roof Framing with Wood I-Joists

    When wood I-joists are used as rafters, connections at the structural ridge and the tops of exterior walls must be detailed properly. An industry troubleshooter explains where to make the cuts and how to install the steel connectors that make for a sound engineered roof.



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    About the new look, mechanical room ventilation, water-powered jet pumps questioned




  • Q&A: Long-Reach Drywall Fasteners

    Q: When installing drywall over existing wall finishes, we often need to use long fasteners to reach the underlying framing members. Can galvanized roofing nails be used to fasten drywall in these situations?

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    Q&A: Leveling the Transit Base

    Q: It sometimes takes me forever to level the base for my builder’s level. Any tricks?

  • Q&A: Rigid Foam Under Scissors Trusses

    Q: We’re considering installing a layer of 1-inch rigid foam insulation on the underside of a cathedral ceiling framed with scissor trusses. Is the foam a vapor barrier, or will we need to install a poly vapor barrier on the interior side of the foam? Will the foam cause problems when it comes time...





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    Fluorescent down light, extra-wide corner bead, retrofit scald protection