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    Choosing High-Performance Caulks

    Confused by the competing claims of manufacturers? Here’s a guide to help you select the right caulk for tough jobs.

  • Detail: Site-Built Storm Doors

    To avoid the delay of special-ordering odd-sized storm doors, this carpenter used stock lumber and standard tools to build his own.

  • Job-Site Procedure Manuals

    This system of standardized forms, procedures, and construction details ensures good planning and keeps every job running smoothly.

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    Avoiding Moisture Problems in Cooling Climates

    Along the hot, humid Gulf Coast, buildings are more susceptible to damage from moisture entering from outside than from inside. A builder/architect explains the energy details that work in this climate.

  • Pressure-Treated Foundation Repair

    With cold weather setting in, this upstate New York remodeler decided to use a pressure-treated wood foundation to replace a crumbling cement-block wall in a hillside garage.

  • Case Study: A Retrofit Ridge Beam

    A site-bolted LVL replacement ridge provided structural support for long-span trusses in this second story addition, which was completed without interrupting the operation of a medical clinic on the first floor.

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    A Remodeler Takes On New Construction

    New construction ought to be easier than remodeling. But as one remodeler discovered, building a house from scratch has its own set of problems.



  • Letters

    Competitive bidding pros and cons, manufacturer defends housewrap




  • Q&A: Adding Loads to Basement Piers

    Q: A client wants me to add a second story addition on a small Cape. The add-on would necessitate bringing new floor and roof loads onto existing steel columns in the basement that heretofore have supported only first-floor loads. Are the footings for those steel posts up to the additional loads...

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    Q&A: Strength of Header Hangers

    Q: How do header hangers compare, from a strength standpoint, with traditional supporting jack studs?

  • Q&A: Repainting Greasy Walls

    Q: I occasionally need to repaint kitchen walls that have a thin buildup of grease on them. Are there any products available that will cut through this film so I can apply latex or polyurethane?







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    Adjustable framing hangers, water-proof glue, faux stone veneer, self-clamping junction box