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  • Adding On Above the Garage

    A West Coast builder tells how he used structural steel and engineered lumber to strengthen a two-bay garage beneath a master bedroom addition.

  • A Practical Approach to Construction Computing

    Four computer-savvy contractors explain how they use off-the-shelf software to integrate and streamline their business procedures.

  • Installing Laminate Floors

    Plastic laminate, with its choices of colors and patterns, has moved from countertops to floors. We follow a professional flooring contractor as he shows how to lay a flat, durable finish floor with this versatile material.

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    Plumbing Pitfalls For Bathroom Remodels

    From corroded pipes and antique fixtures to limited access and impossible working conditions, bath remodels in older homes present a variety of budget-busting obstacles. Here’s a checklist of the most common problem areas.

  • Selecting Replacement Windows

    With prehung replacement units or sash-only kits, it’s possible to upgrade a window in less than an hour with-out removing the trim. We take a look at what’s available from national manufacturers.



  • Letters

    Crawlspace moisture solutions, advan-tages of steel framing



  • Notebook

    Contractor develops college construction technology program, new asbestos study confirms health hazards



  • Q&A: Receptacles on Ungrounded Electrical Circuits

    Q: My questions have to do with existing ungrounded circuits in older homes. My understanding is that you should always replace worn-out two-slot receptacles with new two-slot receptacles (although they’re not always easy to find). However, I’ve also been told that in some locales you can install a...

  • Q&A: Strength of Concrete Mix

    Q: Many years ago, a concrete contractor gave me a recipe for mixing concrete by hand or machine. It is the only mix I have ever used. Is there any way to know how strong the mix is? I use 1 part Portland cement, 2 parts clean sand, and 3 parts clean crushed stone (7/16 inch or 3/4 inch, depending...

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    Q&A: Life Expectancy of Galvanized Fasteners

    Q: What is the life expectancy of electroplated nails, bolts, and lag screws as compared with hot-dip galvanized? Double-dipped fasteners are often recommended, but their cost is almost twice that of electroplated hardware. I have used electroplated on several projects in the past five years and...







  • Products

    Rigid precut vapor barrier for joist-bay ends, full-face safety shield, rot-proof exterior door frame, hidden deck fasteners