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  • A Simple Job-Site Notebook

    Easy access to all job documents is the key to bringing projects in on budget and on time. A project manager tells how he organizes the paperwork so that critical job information is always available on site.

  • Building a Pole Barn

    By combining time-honored post-frame construction techniques with modern roof trusses, this Rochester, N.Y., builder-remodeler was able to save the cost of a concrete foundation while giving his clients the look of a traditional barn.

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    Electrical Code Update

    A veteran electrician gives you a leg up on your inspector with this summary of the latest NEC changes.

  • Spray-Applied Foundation Waterproofing

    One way to ensure a dry basement is to coat the foundation with a waterproof membrane. We look at the available options and explain how to prepare for and apply them properly.

  • Unit-Pricing Pitfalls

    Estimating by the square foot saves time, but sacrifices accuracy unless you're careful. We explain how the shape of the structure affects the square-foot price of everything from framing to finishes.



  • Letters

    Asphalt roof-over pros & cons, PT wood myths, preventing wood siding woes, lead paint caution



  • Notebook

    Coping with the labor shortage, water heater failures, higher fly ash content in concrete, new home ventilation standard



  • Q&A: Finish for Bare Slab

    Q: What is a good, durable, transparent finish for a bare radiant slab? I’ve tried Glitsa over colored concrete. The finish looked great initially, but was not water-resistant. A year later, there was a fair amount of delamination and flaking. How should I refinish the floor? Would a polyurethane...

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    Q&A: Installing Crown in a Finished Room

    Q: I’m installing a lot of crown molding in a finished home, and wondering whether it’s better to prepaint the crown and just touch up the nail holes, or paint it once it’s in place?

  • Q&A: Moldy Basement Room

    Q: I was hired to refinish a basement game room built in 1936 in a house on the shores of Lake Michigan. The T&G paneling in the room was badly warped and the bottom 3 feet were moldy and partly rotted. I removed the paneling to find that it had been installed directly over the poured foundation on...






  • Resources

    Business management primer, door hanging, heating system overview


Kitchen & Bath


  • New Tools & Materials for '99

    Every year, we keep our eyes peeled for products that solve common job-site problems in a unique or inventive way. This year's collection has something for every phase of construction.



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  • JLC Online

    Leaky power sander, chimney flashing in steel roofs, tools for cutting fiber-cement, Win95 alternatives