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  • Casting Concrete Countertops

    Use this shop-fabricated approach to concrete countertops to improve quality and cut installation time from days to hours.

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    Fine-Tuning Forced-Hot Air

    A heating contractor details how to upgrade from a typical bare-bones heating system to one that delivers comfort and customer satisfaction.

  • Framing Living Space Over a Garage

    Four case studies illustrate how different methods and materials can provide efficient solutions to framing a clear-span floor over a garage.

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    Installing a Cylindrical Latchset

    Get accurate results using shop-made and commercial jigs with these basic techniques.

  • Layout Under the Slab

    A construction superintendent explains how to avoid costly errors under slab foundations.

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    Frameless Shower Installation

    Two custom glazers explain the planning and workmanship that go into this job to ensure it’s trouble-free.

  • Low-Slope Reroof with EPDM

    Low-slope roofs can be leak-prone, especially in snow country. A New York State remodeler explains how he installed a self-adhesive membrane to protect the living space under a nearly flat roof.

  • New Tools from the National Hardware Show

    We sent two JLC editors to the show to research what’s new in the world of tools and equipment. Here’s the report from Dave Crosby.

  • What's New in Solid-Surfacing

    The solid-surfacing industry is changing fast as more manufacturers enter the market. Here’s an update of new product choices, plus a review of tools designed specifically for solid-surface fabrication.

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    Fast Framing with Panels

    In a tight labor market, panelized construction offers high quality and speed with a small crew — even on large projects.

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    Glass Block Tips & Tricks

    In this article, a veteran glass block contractor explains the details that make for an elegant and trouble-free installation.

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    Q&A: Job-Site Glues

    Is white glue as strong as yellow glue? What’s the best glue to use when you can’t clamp the joint? We asked adhesives experts to answer these and many other questions, plus did a little testing of our own.

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    Tool Test: Recip Saws

    We sent the new reciprocating saws out into the field to see how they performed. Here’s how a group of veteran remodelers rated the saws for a variety of tasks.

  • Footing Fundamentals

    Concrete expert Brent Anderson explains the code rules and structural issues surrounding foundation footings. Included are discussions of when and where to place rebar and what to do if a footing is poured slightly out of place.



  • Letters

    Venting an island dishwasher; homemade beats store-bought every time; more

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    Vo-tech education not enough; knowledge of building science is necessary; fiber-cement dust control; more



  • Notebook

    Preparing for a future economic slump; houses collapse in Philadelphia; heat kills; certified green trusses; hiding garage doors; use renewable energy in Colorado or pay the price; more

  • Notebook

    The fight against sprawl; new labor-saving copper fittings; borate-treated lumber wards off termites; L-shaped headers for steel framing; more









  • Products

    On-site welding kit; safer worklight; joint compound accelerator; decorative exterior woodwork; ready-made shingle panels and corners; colored caulk; more

  • Products

    Extra-wide entry door; self-stick roofing; circuit breaker finder; roll-out cargo bed for pickups; aluminum columns; ladder rung extender; more