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  • Casting Concrete Countertops

    Use this shop-fabricated approach to concrete countertops to improve quality and cut installation time from days to hours.

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    Fine-Tuning Forced-Hot Air

    A heating contractor details how to upgrade from a typical bare-bones heating system to one that delivers comfort and customer satisfaction.

  • Framing Living Space Over a Garage

    Four case studies illustrate how different methods and materials can provide efficient solutions to framing a clear-span floor over a garage.

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    Installing a Cylindrical Latchset

    Get accurate results using shop-made and commercial jigs with these basic techniques.

  • Layout Under the Slab

    A construction superintendent explains how to avoid costly errors under slab foundations.

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    Frameless Shower Installation

    Two custom glazers explain the planning and workmanship that go into this job to ensure it’s trouble-free.



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    Venting an island dishwasher; homemade beats store-bought every time; more



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    Preparing for a future economic slump; houses collapse in Philadelphia; heat kills; certified green trusses; hiding garage doors; use renewable energy in Colorado or pay the price; more



  • Q&A: Durability of Water-Based Urethane Finish

    Q: The new water-based urethane finishes are easier to apply than the old solvent-based polyurethanes. But are they as durable?

  • Q&A: Fixing a Moldy Crawlspace

    Q: A homeowner wants me to eliminate the moldy smell from a crawlspace. The crawlspace has a concrete floor, with fiberglass batt insulation between the floor joists. There are two louvered vents that are left open year-round. Would it help to insulate the walls with rigid foam and seal the vents...

  • Q&A: Fibermesh Reinforcement

    Q: I’m working on a project with a 2-inch thick colored concrete topping slab installed over a 5-inch thick structural slab on grade. There will be #15 felt installed between the two slabs, so they can move independently. I am considering using fibermesh to minimize cracks in the topping slab. If I...

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    Q&A: Finding the Center of a Circle Using a Formula

    Q: The pros and cons of water-based urethane finishes; fixing a moldy crawlspace; reinforcing and sealing a concrete topping slab; more





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    Read up on construction-quality standards



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    On-site welding kit; safer worklight; joint compound accelerator; decorative exterior woodwork; ready-made shingle panels and corners; colored caulk; more