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  • Building A Custom Sunroom

    A sunroom specialist shows how to frame, glaze, and flash a durable, elegant solar addition.

  • Engineered Exterior Trim

    A wide range of engineered wood, plastic, and fiber-cement trim products are available for builders who are considering alternatives to solid lumber.

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    Framing Nailers

    This job-site review of available stick nailers will help you in making your next purchase.

  • High-Tech Home Wiring

    Because of its greater data capacity and reasonable cost, Category 5 wiring has replaced conventional bell wire in custom homes. Here’s what you need to know to install it correctly.

  • Installing Metal Panel Roofs

    A Florida roofing contractor tells how to select and install a screw-down metal roof.

  • Predicting Cash Flow

    This straightforward system will help you manage cash flow, and avoid disruptive shortfalls and expensive loans.



  • Letters

    Stripping stinks; controlling floor vibration; vapor barrier vs. vapor retarder



  • Notebook

    Portland, Ore., growth restrictions; Minnesota energy code takes on backdrafting; new concrete reinforcing; top ten building markets



  • Q&A: Wiring a Two-Pole GFCI

    Q: I have a 240-volt electric job-site heater, which is required by the NEC to be GFCI protected. Will a 120/240 two-pole GFCI breaker provide protection for a 240-volt load with no neutral? In what situations would a 120/240 two-pole GFCI breaker be recommended?

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    Q&A: Correcting Sagging Joists

    Q: A double 2x8 floor joist that runs beneath a nonbearing partition has deflected 5/8 inch in the middle. If I jack the joist up, returning the compressed and stretched wood fibers back to their original positions, will they stay that way?

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    Q&A: Installing Cedar Siding Over Rigid Foam Sheathing

    Q: What are the risks of installing cedar siding directly over foil-faced rigid foam insulation? Should tar paper or housewrap be used as well?

  • Q&A: Using Pressure-Treated Wood for Trim

    Q: We are planning to use pressure-treated wood as exterior trim on a house with fiber-cement siding. The siding will be finished with acrylic paint. Is pressure-treated wood appropriate for use as exterior trim? What precautions, if any, are necessary when painting pressure-treated wood? Can we...







  • Products

    Cheap live-current tester; underground electrical splice kit; new compact whole-house AC; ICF bolt holder; squeak-free floor fastener; ridge-vent installs with nailgun; undercabinet halogen lights; fancier thermostats