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  • Fall Protection Update

    In an effort to make fall protection more practical, OSHA continues to refine its alternative strategies. A framing contractor explains how to work safely and meet the regs, but still get the job done.

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    Hidden Deck Fasteners

    Face-nailing will never die, but a new breed of concealed fasteners provide the key to better-looking, longer-lasting decks. Here’s a survey of what’s out there.

  • New Tools from the Builders' Show

    We pounded the floors at the Atlanta Builders’ Show looking for the best new tools to help your work go easier and faster.

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    Roofing With Concrete Tile

    An experienced roofing contractor describes the details that make for a long-lasting, leak-free concrete tile roof.

  • Using Television Advertising

    Recent developments in broadcasting and cable technology make television advertising a surprisingly low-cost way to make a big impression. Here’s how one media-savvy remodeling contractor does just that.

  • Choosing a Power Planer

    Hand-held power planers have many uses on the job site, from framing to finish. In this hands-on review, we look at power, weight, balance, depth of cut, and ease of blade changing to help you select the right tool.



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    California verdict is “aasinine”; immigration laws should be enforced; keep the visual integrity of old houses; more



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    Profit with deconstruction; lumber prices; cold-weather concrete pours without cracking; straw-bale research results; no more USG EIFS; warm yourself with microwaves; more



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    Q&A: Making a Balcony Door Watertight

    Q: I built a house with a second-floor balcony, and I installed waterproofing membrane and tile on the balcony deck. Around the perimeter of the door, I installed Moistop flexible flashing. The siding is stucco. The room under the balcony is now leaking.

  • Q&A: Fiber-Cement with Aluminum Trim

    Q: Is it okay to butt fiber-cement siding against aluminum-clad windows and aluminum soffit, or will the fiber-cement cause a reaction that damages the aluminum?

  • Q&A: 3/4-Inch Conduit Capacity

    Q: What is the maximum number of 12-gauge wires permitted in 3/4-inch conduit?

  • Q&A: Using an Electric Water Heater for Radiant Heat

    Q: In his November 1998 article, "Using Water Heaters for Radiant Heat," Bill Clinton shows how to heat a home with a gas water heater. Will an electric water heater work in this type of system? How about a tankless electric water heater?

  • Q&A: Removing Paint from Historic Exterior Brick

    Q: We are restoring a 19th-century Victorian home with a painted brick exterior. The client wants to remove the six or more existing layers of paint, down to the natural brick. What is the best way to remove the paint without destroying the brick or morta

  • Q&A: Tile Over Painted Concrete

    Q: Can I install ceramic tile over a painted concrete floor without removing the paint?

  • Q&A: A "Half-Timbered" Tudor with Stucco

    Q: Can a timber-framed home have a stucco exterior, with the timbers exposed on the exterior, in the Tudor manner?

  • Q&A: Leaving Rigid Foam Exposed

    Q. I plan to install rigid foam insulation in a crawlspace. As far as I know, most types of rigid foam insulation can’t be left exposed, but need to be covered with a layer of drywall for fire resistance. Is there a type of rigid foam insulation panel available that can be left exposed?





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    All-weather adhesive; plug lockout; protective workboots made of PVC; glass block windows; carbon filter; drywall tape; smooth OSB; more