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  • Building Squeak-Free Stairs

    A stair builder shows how to scribe and install finish skirts, treads, and risers.

  • Cordless Circular Saws

    We rounded up the beefiest battery-operated saws on the market and put them to the test.

  • Durable Trim For Coastal Construction

    This New Jersey custom home builder has traded wood trim for PVC.

  • How To Charge For Overhead

    Forget material markups: This method, successfully practiced for 20 years by an Iowa remodeler, assigns overhead and profit expense to billed time on the job.

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    Installing Crown Molding

    A finish contractor shares his production techniques for cutting and installing crown.

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    Preventing The Cash-Flow Crunch

    If you don't front-load your payment schedule, you may find that the cash crunch can put you out of business.

  • Repairing Cantilevered Balconies

    Unless flashed properly, cantilevered deck joists provide a path for rainwater to soak the wall framing. In this story, a specialty remodeler tells how he deals with the consequences.

  • Waterproofing Basement Walls

    We survey the major types of foundation waterproofing, from spray-on to peel-and-stick membranes.



  • Letters To The Editor

    Painting popcorn ceilings, repairing a stone foundation, garage floor finishes, cracked manufactured stone



  • Notebook

    Deck disasters, FBI plumbing inspector sting, California code excludes PEX, builder callback survey, demolition salvage



  • Q&A: Life Expectancy of Metal Roofs

    Q. We're working on a 120-year-old house that still has its original standing-seam metal roof. A roof painter told the owner that this roof has 50 years of useful life left. Can a metal roof really last 170 years?

  • Q&A: Stripping an EPDM Roof

    Q. I have to strip off an EPDM roof. Is there anything special I need to know?

  • Q&A: Flickering Lights

    Q. I'm doing some wood siding repairs on a house, and every time I hit the trigger on my chop saw, the lights in the house flicker. The power company says the problem is with the house not their lines. But the lights in the house across the street flicker

  • Q&A: Drywall Disposal On Site

    Q. My excavation contractor offered to bury my scrap drywall on site, but I've heard buried gypsum can create a harmful gas. I've also read that it's okay to bury small amounts if you disperse it. Is it okay to bury drywall on site at all, and if so, what

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    Q&A: Curing a Sagging Entry

    Q. I just replaced the insulating steel and fiberglass door in an entry door assembly with dual sidelights. The new door strikes the jamb near the top on closing, and the clearance along the top is uneven. I tried driving a couple of long screws through t


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    Cordless impact wrench, wall lift, cold-weather caulk, nonstick shovel, flexible duct, long-tail T-shirt, mini brake



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