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    A Masonry Chimney in Six Hours

    No one likes waiting for the mason, but manufactured zero-clearance fireplaces aren't the only alternative. A Connecticut manufacturer describes his innovative precast chimney system

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    A Simple New-House Manual

    A builder shares his approach to providing every home buyer with a customized owner's manual.

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    Building Better Decks

    A Virginia contractor describes the marketing methods and construction details he uses to build good-looking, profitable decks.

  • Cool Roofs for Hot Climates

    The right roofing can dramatically reduce the cooling loads on a house, while adding little to the cost of construction.

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    Installing Over-the-Post Handrailing

    Correctly installed over-the-post handrails look great, but there's nothing worse than a botched job. A veteran installer describes the cutting and layout tips that help him create tight joints and smooth curves every time.

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    Indoor Mold Causes & Cures

    Despite the media hype, most indoor mold problems aren't difficult to resolve. A Texas expert explains how to treat mold and how to prevent it from gaining a foothold in the first place.



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    Home shows, window leakage, brick ties defended, moisture-managed walls, more



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    In The News

    Right-to-repair laws, new water heater standard, tougher shingles, award-winning basement



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    Q&A: Can You Combine Ridge and Gable Vents?

    Q. I'm reroofing an older ranch house that has continuous soffit vent panels and gable-end attic vents but no ridge vents. I'm wondering if I should add a continuous ridge vent; it would be fairly easy to do while the roof is stripped. Is it okay to combi

  • Q&A: Bending a Base Cap

    Q. I was recently asked to add a cherry base cap along the finished stringer of a custom staircase that makes a broad sweeping curve along the wall in several places. What's the best way to make this molding? Should I use a softer, more pliable wood and s

  • Q&A: Rigid Foam Under Siding

    Q. I'm removing the wood siding from a '70s colonial, down to the sheathing, and plan to put up vinyl siding. I'm thinking of covering the exterior with foil-faced foam for extra insulation but am concerned about trapping moisture in the walls. The house






Kitchen & Bath


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    Water-resistant gypsum panels, heated shingles, snap-in bamboo flooring, chimney pots, more



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    Hammer drill vs. rotary hammer; laser saw guide