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    14.4-Volt Cordless Drill-Drivers

    JLC put ten drills through their paces to compare power, run-time, weight, and balance.

  • 0303FS100jlc

    Getting Contractor Discounts

    All deals are negotiable, but to get the best price, you have to understand the rules of the building materials market.

  • 0303ch-01

    Relining Old Chimneys

    Adding a poured liner to a shaky old chimney adds strength and safety while keeping the character of the original.

  • 0303cw-01

    The Business of Building Green

    A custom builder describes how he has made a profitable niche of building houses for environmentally conscious

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    Tiling Over A Laminate Countertop

    A veteran tile contractor shares his method for dressing up a kitchen without ripping out the counter and building a new substrate.

  • 0303LS119jlc

    Water-Managed Wall Systems

    No siding is waterproof, and windows can leak. So we need a backup system, and building scientist Joseph Lstiburek has the details.



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    Mold mania, old-school metal roofing, strength of adhesive in laminated rafters, crown molding jig, floppy-disk cameras



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    In The News

    Vermiculite insulation threat, California okays PEX, a house in 31/2 hours, new R-20 glazing, more



  • Q&A: Rebuilding Rotted Windows

    Q. As a handyman, one of the problems I see most often is rotted wood trim on windows and doors (for example, brick moldings, sills, and the bottoms of side jambs). Moldings are not usually a difficult fix, but repairing or replacing wood members that are integral to the window or door unit...

  • Q&A: In Search of Exterior Trim

    Q. I would like to find an alternate crown molding for exterior use. I can't get my local suppliers to advise me if primed MDF crown can be used outside. I have thrown scraps of this product in the trash pile, where it was rained on for a month, and was amazed that it was unaffected. However, I...

  • Q&A: Waterborne vs.Oil-Modified Floor Finishes

    Q. Which type of floor finish provides the most durable coating, oil-based polyurethanes or water-based polyurethanes?

  • Q&A: Buckling Soffit Boards

    Q. I have been a contractor for over 25 years, but I recently ran into a new problem. We installed a 1x8 T&G pine soffit at the eaves and under the gable overhang on a new home here in Washington State last summer. The material is select tight-knot Ponderosa pine, kiln-dried and of good quality;...




Kitchen & Bath


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    Expanding foam for windows & doors, affordable stilts, obstacle sensing system, quality drywall finish, mold-resistant drywall, ladder lock, more



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