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    Doing Vinyl Right

    When it comes to giving vinyl an authentic period look, the right details make all the difference.

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    Framing With Light-Gauge Steel

    Steel won't rot or get eaten by termites, and every piece is perfectly straight. A contractor who switched from wood to light-gauge steel discusses the differences and similarities between the two.

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    Installing an Ornamental Tile Floor

    A stiff, strong subfloor and an accurate layout add up to a top-quality tile floor. A veteran tilesetter explains his approach.

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    Replacing Factory-Built Fireplaces

    When a prefab fireplace wears out, the only solution is to remove it and install a new one. Here are some tips from a specialist.

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    Running a Production Trim Business

    An interior trim carpenter whose company specializes in servicing large national builders tells how to produce a high-quality interior finish quickly and efficiently.



  • Letters

    Job safety, fire protection for foam, deck ledgers



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    In the News

    Lumber prices double, Consumer Reports rates building materials, Canadian study finds window leaks, more



  • Q&A: Various Stucco Over Concrete

    Q. I'd like to finish the above-grade portion of a poured-concrete foundation with a color coat of stucco. The broken-off snap-ties are visible and are slightly rusty. Do I need to treat these with anything before I apply the stucco to prevent a rust stai

  • Q&A: Energy Payback From Instantaneous Water Heaters

    Q. Do the energy savings provided by instantaneous gas water heaters justify their higher cost?

  • Q&A: Detecting Live Romex

    Q. I'm a remodeler and often work around existing wiring. What's the most practical and inexpensive tool for detecting live current in either romex or wire in a metal conduit? Can you detect current inside the conduit without opening the conduit?

  • Q&A: Venting Bath Fan Into Soffit Not a Good Idea

    Q. It has become common practice in new construction around Nashville to vent bathroom fans into a nearby soffit. One problem is that the vent often gets covered with vinyl or metal soffit because the siding crew doesn't want to cut a hole in the finished






Kitchen & Bath


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    Decks & railings, insulation & air sealing, door hardware



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    Senco screw gun, Milwaukee metal-cutting saw, siding tools, cold weather gear