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  • 0903MC4

    Heating with Panel Radiators

    These compact units provide the comfort and simplicity of baseboard radiators without gobbling up all the available wall space.

  • 0903GA1

    Salvaging Building Material

    A carpenter turned salvage contractor tells how he turns a profit keeping used materials out of the landfill, and shares some methods for removing common salvage items without damage.

  • New Products from the Kitchen & Bath Show

    Dazzle clients with your understanding of this year's crop of bigger, smarter, hotter, and cooler kitchen appliances.

  • 0903ZAlead_jlc

    Segmental Block Retaining Walls

    Longer lasting than timber and more user friendly than stone, segmental block retaining walls combine good looks with great structural stability.

  • A Close Look at Stucco

    Traditional three-coat, one-coat, or EIFS, stucco is only as reliable as the water-management details behind it. A second- generation stucco contractor identifies common problems and offers proven solutions.



  • 0603CV


    Deck details, defending gable vents, screening chimney pots



  • 0903NEWS102

    In the News

    Fatal porch collapse highlights flimsy connections, self-draining housewrap, new wood preservatives raise corrosion questions



  • 0903QA51

    Q&A: Various Shallow Foundation for Flat Site

    Q. I have a client who wants me to build a 30x40-foot unheated barn-garage with a slab floor. The area where the building will sit is very flat, with no lower terrain nearby, so it's not feasible to build a typical 4-foot stem wall with a daylight drain. Frost depth is 48 inches around here...

  • Q&A: Insulating Around Knob-and-Tube

    Q. I am remodeling a 1920s house that has the original knob-and-tube wiring. I would like to blow cellulose into the stud cavities but am guessing that it's not safe to do that with the exposed wiring in the cavities. What does code say?

  • Q&A: OSB as Carpet Substrate?

    Q. Why can't I use 7/16-inch OSB over 1-inch rough pine boards for carpet underlayment?






Kitchen & Bath


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    Heat pumps, siding and accessories, lighting, interior millwork products, more