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  • 0204RA-01

    Decorative Floors With Polymer Overlays

    Thin polymer-modified cement toppings allow this contractor to produce decorative concrete surfaces even over wood-framed floors.

  • 0204DE-Lead

    Installing Metal Shingles

    There's more to metal roofing than standing seam and ag panels. An experienced remodeler provides an overview of roofing with aluminum shingles.

  • 0204DA-4a

    An Invisible Tile Access Panel

    Installing and tiling a whirlpool tub often means undoing someone else's work. A veteran tile contractor tells how he copes with sequence problems and provides future access to the pump.

  • 0204dg-01

    Shearwalls for Coastal Homes

    A design-build contractor explains how to meet the International Code's new coastal wind-load requirements by using shearwalls that work with your design, not against it.

  • 0204UH-04

    Tool Test: Worm Drive Saws

    A West Coast framer tested eight 7 1/4-inch wormdrive saws to see how the newer models stack up against the old standbys. Here are his results.



  • Letters

    Crawlspace insulation & fire codes, nail gun injuries, fiber-cement siding



  • 0204NE-07

    In The News

    Quality control probe targets builders, opponents slow I-Code advance, aerial photos nail wetland violators



  • Image

    Supplying Power to an Outbuilding

    Q. What's the right way to deliver power to an outbuilding? I'd like to have a panel capable of powering a small shop.

  • Should Floor Trusses Be Attached to Walls Below?

    Q. What is the proper way to attach an interior basement wall to floor trusses ? both perpendicular walls and walls that run parallel with the bottom chord and fall between the trusses. I have been told to nail directly to the trusses, and I have bee

  • Adequate Compaction

    Q. When compacting a gravel base for a slab, how can you tell when the gravel is compact enough?




  • 0204BU-06

    Using Cost Books for Estimating

    As moderator of the estimating forum at, I'm often asked if cost books are a reliable way to get cost figures to use for estimating. There are many cost books available, updated yearly, by RS Means, Craftsman, BNI, Saylor's, HomeTech, and others.



Kitchen & Bath


  • 0204pr-09


    Embedded truss anchors, diminutive boiler, compressor relief; metal roofing; skylights