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  • JLC 2003 Index

  • 0104VA2

    Making the Markup Move

    Are you charging what your work is worth? Seven veteran builders tell how they learned to stop undercharging and get serious about turning a profit.

  • 0104LO_lead

    Repairing a Bulging Foundation

    A veteran contractor shares his method of repairing damaged foundations with tension rods and concrete deadmen.

  • 0104GE_1

    Top-Down Roofing

    Installing shingles in 4- to 7-foot lifts from the ridge down reduces granule loss and makes the job go faster.

  • 0104DA19

    Clever Storage for Kitchen and Bath

    Rethinking standard cabinet configurations allows you to make use of space that would otherwise go to waste. The owner of a high-end remodeling company provides several examples.

  • 0104to-05

    Fixing the Holes Where the Air Gets In

    Reducing air leakage boosts thermal performance, reduces drafts, and keeps this GC's customers comfortable.



  • 1203LE51


    Stucco rebuttal, vinyl details, preventing hanger corrosion, Mac privacy protection, flashing tops of deck joists



  • 0901HA15

    In the News

    New ventilation standard, economics of OSB prices, ICFs resist test blasts, after the California fires, green building products



  • LVL Dimensions

    Q. Why are LVLs sized differently than framing lumber? I can understand the 13/4-inch-thickness dimension, because two laminations make up a matching header for a 2x4 wall, but why are they 91/2 inches deep instead of 91/4?

  • Comparing Propane and Oil

    Q. Which home heating fuel is usually cheaper, oil or propane?

  • How to Prime New Pine

    Q. We're new home builders and use a lot of newly milled kiln-dried eastern white pine exterior trim. We paint it in batches, spraying both sides with a good-quality oil-based primer, then following with two topcoats of 100% acrylic. To cut down drying time, we'd like to switch to an acrylic primer...



  • Allocating Overhead to Labor Makes Financial Sense

    If I were to ask ten contractors how they calculate and apply overhead (indirect expense) to their estimates or time-and-material work, I would get ten different answers. If I were to press further as to how they arrived at their numbers, most of their methods would turn out to be arbitrary or have...



  • Writing an Employee Manual

    If you're like most business owners, you already have more than enough paperwork to do. Why should you spend valuable time writing an employee manual?



  • 0104CO_fig1

    Document Management With ACT!

    You might think of ACT! as a contact manager or a task scheduler — and it does both of those things as well as or better than any other CRM (customer relations management) package on the market. But in construction, you can't manage customers without managing tons of documents and correspondence...


Kitchen & Bath


  • 0104PR-10


    Harness dolly, watertight decking, bamboo plywood; structural fasteners; central vac & accessories; exterior doors



  • 0104TB2


    Dust-free drywall sanding; Impulse utility stapler; demolition tools