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  • Letters

    Deck ledger connections, gutters in cold climates, Porter-Cable 100 router, more



  • 0704ne-10

    In the News

    Cement shortage, creating a wetland, health concern about old plaster, workers comp reform in California, lightning- resistant flexible gas line



  • 0704QA52

    Various Forming a Brick Shelf in a Concrete Foundation

    Q. I'm planning to form a simple 4-foot stem wall foundation for a single-story garage using plywood, snap ties, and walers. It needs to have a brick ledge for the top 10 to 12 inches, which will show above grade. What's a simple, effective way to do this

  • Buildup in Shower Drains

    Q. Recently I've run into a couple of incidents where a crystallized white substance has formed on the shower floor and in the drain. In both cases the showers have mud-set floors and are entirely tiled. The water is from a public source. In one case, the

  • 0704QA51

    Reducing Clearance to Woodstove Pipe

    Q. Can I use type X "fire code" gypsum board to reduce clearances to combustibles for a woodstove pipe? For example, could I attach a layer or two of gypsum board to the side or bottom of a nearby cabinet to reduce the required 18-inch clearance?




  • 0704bu-04


    Managing cash flow, deciding to be competitive, employee benefits



  • Why Subs Must Carry Liability Insurance

    As the general contractor, you have liability insurance to protect you from claims for bodily injury or property damage caused by your negligence. So why, you ask, is it important for your subs to have liability insurance, too?



Kitchen & Bath

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    Kitchen & Bath

    Resources for cabinetmakers, radiant heating products; kitchen faucets



  • 0704pr-01


    Domestic water; home automation; manufactured fireplaces



  • 0704tb-09


    Hilti reciprocating saws; safer pump jacks; turbo sander; theft prevention



  • 0704bk-03

    Subtle Soffit Vent

    We pay as much attention to the quality of our exterior trim as we do the interior trim on the upscale houses we build, so we don't want to see ugly strip vents or round metal button vents messing up the soffits.