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  • Letters

    Shearwall schedules, truss spacing, light-gauge steel correction



  • 0604ne-04

    In the News

    Job-site theft on the rise, lumber trade deadlock, hybrid glulam, DOE reintroduces SEER-13 efficiency standard, protecting frogs in California



  • Waterproofing ICFs

    Q. Is there a spray-on waterproofing that's compatible with ICF foundations ? that won't "melt" the polystyrene?

  • Durability of Cedars

    Q. I'm pricing cedar for a replacement deck that was formerly built with treated yellow pine. A local supplier is telling me his "northern white" cedar will last far longer than "Alaskan" cedar, which I can purchase for about half the price. Is there real

  • Image

    Shower Pan on a Slab

    Q. While I was removing the old tile from a concrete shower pan in a slab foundation, a portion of the 1x5-inch raised concrete lip separated from the slab below. It appears that the lip was formed and placed on top of the slab, and there is nothing tying



  • 0604de-useP

    Making Windows Fit

    It's easy to get carried away with window placement in a house design and end up with a jumbled-looking facade. This article illustrates some simple guidelines for making windows compatible with the other elements of a house.



  • 0604bu-01


    Tracking job changes, tough love for young businesses, keeping labor codes practical



Kitchen & Bath


  • 0604pr-11


    Wrap-around shades, compact truck rack, sleek wallplates; decking; pneumatic fasteners



  • 0604tb-29


    DrillSpotter exit hole locator, Wobble Light, gatemouth tool bag; layout tools; compactors