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  • 0504ST-11

    A Builder's Guide to Computer Hardware

    When buying IT equipment, bigger and faster are not always better. Our technology expert tells how to get the most bang for your buck.

  • 0504se-02

    Framing a Round Tower

    A Long Island contractor uses preassembled framing and a forklift to build a dramatic circular stairwell.

  • 0504sa-02

    Helical Pier Foundations for Problem Sites

    Where space is tight or soils are unstable, building on helical piers can save time and money. A Colorado remodeler who specializes in room additions explains.

  • 0504co-01

    Installing Residential Elevators

    A second-generation elevator installer lays out what GCs need to know to prepare for and coordinate the installation of residential elevators.

  • Success With Spanish-Speaking Employees

    Three builders who employ mostly Spanish-speaking workers answer questions about communication, safety, cultural differences, and other matters.

  • 0504di-04

    Rooftop Decks for Coastal Homes

    Building a deck over living space can be a tricky proposition. An architect and builder describes his method for suspending the deck framing from parapet walls, above an EPDM rubber membrane roof.



  • 0504le-02


    Wormdrive clarification, deck ledger connections, shredded framing, on-site septic



  • 0504ne-01

    In the News

    Wormdrive clarification, deck ledger connections, shredded framing, on-site septic



  • 0504qa-04

    Right Tools for Hanging Doors

    Q. I typically use prehung doors, but I'm building a project where I'll need to hang a dozen or more 13/8-inch 6-8 interior door slabs in 3/4-inch-thick custom poplar jambs. I also have to bore and install the cylinder passage sets. Could you advise me ho

  • Q&A: Moss on Cedar Shingles

    Q. How can I kill moss growing on cedar shake roofs? And after I've killed the moss, what can I put on the roof to keep it from growing again?

  • Gutters in Cold Climes

    Q. The jury still seems to be out as to whether to install gutters in a northern climate. Could you please shed some light on this, especially as to how omitting gutters would contribute to leaky basements?



  • 0504bd-04

    Creating a Sense of Shelter on a Large Lot

    Designers sometimes use the phrase "prospect and refuge" to describe a pleasing environment that offers a good view of its surroundings while still providing a comforting sense of shelter.



  • Getting Into Light Commercial Work

    Have you ever been walking through a shopping mall where a new store was being built and wondered what it would be like to do that kind of work? Like residential work, commercial jobs have their challenges and rewards, but the work isn't for everyone.



Kitchen & Bath

  • 0504kb-25eps

    Kitchen & Bath

    Keeping up with tile standards; simple mosaics; laminates; decorative hardware



  • 0504pr-06


    Vibrant vinyl, inswing french doors, fire-stopping foam; exterior trim; water heaters; surface protection



  • 0504tb-102


    Bosch compact belt sander; quick coping for flat moldings; hand-carry compressors; metal-working tools