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  • 1004ak-02a

    Air Conditioning for Humid Climates

    Balancing cooling with humidity control is a tough job in the coastal South. A North Carolina hvac pro explains how the latest generation of cooling equipment meets the challenge.

  • 1004br-01

    Building a Custom Saw Station

    This sturdy, portable chop-saw stand speeds finish carpentry while getting rid of the dust.

  • 1004th-03a

    Making Old Stucco Look New

    A Northern California stucco contractor describes how he uses foam-based trim and pigmented finish coats to revitalize tired stucco exteriors.

  • 0904sh-06

    Rescuing a Block Foundation

    Two foundation remediation specialists show how they use an engineered system of pin piles and wall ties to give new life to a failing foundation.

  • 1004wa-10

    Hurricane-Rated Windows

    Storm-resistant windows are now required by code all along the eastern seaboard. Here's an overview of how these beefed-up units work to keep storm pressures out of the structure.



  • 0904le-04


    Fee impact in California; where to find adjustable wall braces; decimal pitch conversion; hidden soffit vent details; more



  • 1004ne-05

    In the News

    Lessons from Hurricane Charley; stray voltage zaps homeowners; building code comes to Pennsylvania; NAFTA panel slams U.S. on tariffs



  • 1004QA51

    Can You Rip LVL?

    Q. The building codes don't allow you to rip graded lumber to a narrower width (to make a 2x6 and a 2x4 out of a 2x10, for example). But what about ripping LVL?

  • Insulating Basement Walls

    Q. I'm doing a basement remodel and am thinking of finishing the block foundation walls by painting the masonry with Drylok, then adhering 4-mil poly over that. Next, I plan to fur the walls with Z-studs, put 2 inches of foil-faced polyiso board between t

  • Mice and Insulation

    Q. Is there any way to can keep mice out of insulation? I am working on a remote cabin in southern Illinois, and the mice seem to come and go at will. I'm getting ready to insulate another room and I don't want to provide new places for the rodents to nes



  • Business

    Accrual vs. cash accounting; finding the best remodeling customers




  • 1004co-03


    Hooking up remotely; easy project collaboration with SharePoint



  • 1004Re51

    Practical Engineering: Resisting Tornado Damage

    This APA storm report shows that structural sheathing, metal connectors, and strong garage walls can increase the likelihood that a home will survive all but the most powerful storms.


Kitchen & Bath


  • 1004pr-01a


    Protective glass coating; blueprint protector; glues and adhesives; basement finishing products



  • 1004tb-07


    Senco brad-nailer value pack; Hilti PD30 laser measuring device; drywall tools; plumbing tools