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  • 0908hm-01 copy

    Gang-Cutting Rafters

    Designing dormers that fit

  • 0904ha-28

    Heavy Lifting: A Housemover's Journal

    A Massachusetts building mover details the process of lifting a 1772 post-and-beam house completely intact, transporting it over land and water, and setting it to rest at its new home.

  • 0904br-08

    Installing an Electric-Radiant Tile Floor

    Electric-resistance tile-warming systems can increase comfort in the kitchen and bath without greatly increasing the client's electric bill. A tilesetter shares his method for a foolproof installation.

  • Lead-Safe Remodeling

    The dangers of lead exposure are well documented, so it makes sense to take precautions when disturbing old paint. A restoration carpenter discusses legal liability and shares practical measures for minimizing the risk.

  • 0904fr-DW735

    Tool Test: Portable Thickness Planers

    We compare seven popular thickness planers for cutting capacity, power, quality of cut, portability, and noise output. Here's how they stack up.



  • Letters

    Copper compatibility with ACQ; painting stucco; Hispanic labor; arch formula; tile showers; more



  • 0904ne-02

    In the News

    Another deck collapse; problems with painting stucco; translucent concrete; more



  • 0904qa-02

    Bamboo Floor Not as Hard as Claimed?

    Lightweight pneumatic hose; paint for fiber cement; wet-dry central vac; landscaping products; metal stairs; fire prevention products

  • Housewrap & Building Code

    Q. I have read conflicting reports about the use of housewrap. Does the building code actually require the use of housewrap under siding?

  • Radon Resources

    Q.Where can I obtain information about radon gas, its effects, and what products will prevent emissions from coming up through slab foundations?

  • Ice Dams in Valleys

    Q. I need to fix a problem with ice dams in a new house. The ice dams form in two valleys over a cathedral ceiling and are causing leaks. The roof is standing-seam metal, and there is not enough venting in the valley area. Is there a solution short of tea



  • Image

    Dormers by Design

    Some of the most appealing interior spaces are those created under a roof that has been sensitively fitted with dormers. Nestled at treetop level, these spaces are formed by the sloped, sheltering surfaces of the primary roof and the walls of the dormers, which admit daylight.



  • 0904bu-04


    Moving the schedule from paper to the computer; taking credit cards; protecting against plywood and lumber price spikes



  • 0904LE51

    When You Have To Terminate a Contract

    A short time ago I got a call from a builder with whom I've worked for many years. He usually seeks legal advice before jumping into something new, but this time he was a bit slow to check in. The builder had terminated a homeowner's renovation contract before the work was complete and was being...



Kitchen & Bath


  • 0904pr-19


    Lightweight pneumatic hose; paint for fiber cement; wet-dry central vac; landscaping products; metal stairs; fire prevention products



  • 0904tb-01


    Panasonic 18-volt kit; Porter-Cable compressor on wheels; Milwaukee 14.4-volt cordless drill; powder-actuated tools; vinyl siding tools