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  • Letters

    A vote for double top plates; flush framing with steel; pocket screws in MDF; shades of green; avoid old-growth lumber; more



  • JLC Report

    EPA delays enforcement of lead-safety requirement; employee-misclassification crackdown; showerhead uproar; more



  • Image

    Are Frost Stripes Cause for Concern?

    Last year we completed a SIP roof deck using two kinds of panels. Some were the standard OSB-foam sandwich panels, and some had prefinished T & G pine ceiling boards attached to the bottom. During installation, we noticed a small gap between the panels with the attached T & G ceiling, because the...

  • Duct Chases and Electrical Wiring

    Is it okay to fish electrical wiring through the wood-framed chases built around hvac ducts and chimneys?




  • Fiberglass Lath

    In contrast to traditional metal lath, woven fiberglass SpiderLath is rustproof and unlikely to cut the installer.

  • Cordless Sprayer

    The new ProShot one-quart sprayer — made by Graco for Sherwin-Williams — is powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery for easy portability.

  • Wind Power

    According to the manufacturer, this turbine has the lowest installed price per kilowatt-hour of any unit in its class.

  • Image

    Low Emissions

    UltraStock-Free MDF by Temple-Inland has no added urea formaldehyde, meaning that it contains only trace amounts naturally found in the wood-fiber ingredient itself.

  • Pour It On

    Pro Spec Level Set Deep Pour 3 is a self-leveling non-gypsum underlayment that can be poured up to 3 inches thick in a single lift.

  • Softer Washer

    Delta Rim Composites’ Yellowbead washers are made of silicone rubber.

  • Quiet Ventilation

    Broan’s new Ultra Silent Series QTRE080R retrofit bath fan is designed to be installed from below the ceiling.

  • For Lasting Paint

    Polymatrx is an elastomeric paint additive that can make an exterior paint job last 20 years or more, says maker Gulf Synthetics.

  • Fan Control

    The DewStop bath-fan control by GTR Technologies monitors air for high humidity and activates the room’s exhaust fan as needed.

  • Image

    Sticky Edges

    3M’s latest masking tape, ScotchBlue Advanced, has a moisture-activated additive that reacts with the water in latex paint to better seal along the tape edge.

  • Image

    Lighter Backerboard

    U.S. Gypsum has replaced its Durock backerboard with a version called Durock Next Gen.

  • Better Bucket

    Bercom’s Handy Paint Pail offers a couple of advantages over painting right out of the can.





  • Image

    Ah, Summer

    Forget the 5,000-square-foot beach house just out of sight in the photos.