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  • A Simple Approach to Home Energy Rating

    Here’s a manageable way to track and analyze the energy usage of your customers’ homes .

  • Dry Deck Over Living Space

    A multilayer cementitious coating provides a walkable waterproof surface with a Class A rating.

  • Installing French Doors

    Fix the leaks before they start with careful framing and the proper sill pan, flashing, and sealant.

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    Can Mold Give You Headaches?

    You bet it can: When it comes to this pervasive fungus, a little can go a long way toward wrecking a job.

  • Job-Costing With Quicken

    Pushing this inexpensive checkbook program to its limits can give you a simple, streamlined approach to check writing, payroll accounting, and job-costing.



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    Entrepreneur alert; cedar ridges



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    JLC Report

    Can replacement windows live up to energy claims?; keeping basements dry; Florida prepares for global warming; more


On the Job

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    On the Job

    Victorian-style door casing; portable tool shed



  • Water Heater

    The Geyser heat-pump water heater connects to the tank of an existing water heater or any similar insulated storage tank but runs more economically than standard electric or gas-fired units, says the manufacturer.

  • Sun Boost

    Advertised as the first solar-assisted heat pump in the industry, the Lennox XPG20 Sun Source Comfort System has a photovoltaic panel that helps power the unit’s outside fan.

  • Energy Monitor

    For contractors serious about assessing building performance, Onset has assembled the HOBO Measurement & Verification System.

  • Compliant Vanity

    All of cabinet manufacturer Xylem’s vanities are made from wood products that comply with California’s stringent new air-quality standards, which impose strict limits on formaldehyde emissions.

  • Spot Ventilation

    Panasonic’s WhisperComfort Spot energy-recovery ventilator (ERV) is mounted in the ceiling like an exhaust fan, but — unlike a simple fan — it draws in fresh air to balance the volume of exhaust air while also transferring heat and humidity between the two air streams with its “capillary core”...

  • Exchange Rate

    When outside temperatures are a chilly 32°F, Venmar’s EKO 1.5 heat-recovery ventilator (HRV) uses a polypropylene core to transfer up to 75 percent of the heat from the exhaust to the supply air, says the manufacturer.

  • Solar Flair

    The FusionSolar metal roof by Custom-Bilt Metals combines standing-seam roofing with unobtrusive photovoltaic solar energy collection.

  • Easy Drawer Adjustment

    Like many of FastCap’s products, this one was invented by a cabinetmaker looking to streamline his production process.

  • Strategic Air Command

    Air-quality standards may require either continuous use or high-volume intermittent use of exhaust ventilation.

  • Shower Preheater

    Countless gallons are wasted as bathers wait for shower water to warm up. What’s even worse are the countless gallons of hot water wasted as distracted bathers busy themselves with other things while their empty shower runs hot.

  • Counter Clamp

    If you’ve ever had to lie on your back inside a cabinet to snug up a joint in a laminate countertop, you know what a pain those traditional draw bolts are.



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    Bosch GTL3 Tile Laser

    Nearly all my remodeling jobs involve some kind of tile, so I'm constantly doing tile layout.




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    An Architecture of Trees

    Architect Roald Gundersen and his team at Whole Tree Architecture and Construction are all for putting small-diameter trees — the “weeds” of the forest — to practical use.