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    Drywall Upgrades

    Build arches, wainscot, and other architectural details with scrap drywall and specialty trim.

  • Framing to a Fixed Elevation

    Use this simple technique to adjust for height above plate when figuring roof cuts.

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    Retrofitting an HRV

    The challenges are finding a good place for the unit and installing the ductwork without butchering interior finishes.

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    Innovative Products 2010

    JLC's annual collection of problem-solving tools and materials.




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    JLC Report

    Bare-bones hvac proves its worth in affordable development; proposed clampdown on fly ash draws wary response; Hovnanian pays $1 million for Clean Water Act violations; more


On the Job



  • Proper Channels

    IQm Trim cellular PVC moldings feature built-in J-channels that ease installation and hide cut ends. Integrated flashing fins help direct water away from the structure.

  • Cold-Weather Glue

    Liquid Nails’ new Extreme Temperature Formula low-VOC subfloor and deck construction adhesive can be gunned by hand at temperatures down to 22°F, and will stick to wet, frozen, and treated lumber readily and won’t dissolve foams and plastics.

  • Structural Screws

    Made specifically for fastening multiple trusses and engineered-wood assemblies, Strong-Drive SDW screws can be used to join up to four plies of 2-by or 1 3/4-inch-thick materials from one side of the assembly.

  • Stylish Shutters

    Fypon has added to its line of molded urethane window shutters and now offers more than 140 options, including louvered, raised-panel, two- and three-board plank styles, and Three Board shutters in rectangular and arch-top versions.

  • Simple Diversion

    Oatey’s Mystic Rainwater Collection System captures water from downspouts and redirects it through a tube into a rain barrel.

  • Healthy Water

    Everpure claims that its Viru-Pure water filter is the first one in the world that can remove viruses, as well as bacteria, cysts, and chemical contaminants.

  • Double Strength

    Tech-Plank siding is twice as strong and noticeably lighter than fiber cement, Tech-Wood claims.

  • Concrete Connection

    In addition to typical high-low drive threads, GRK’s Caliburn concrete screws have a third groove that captures excess concrete dust so it won’t interfere with penetration.

  • Hammer Caps

    Protect-O-Caps help protect both painted head trim nails and plastic exterior trim.

  • Salt-Free

    Instead of salt, the E-Treat Water Conditioning System uses “anti-scale media” to convert calcium ions to tiny crystals that can’t attach to surfaces and become scale deposits.

  • Shingle Shades

    Owens Corning’s Designer Colors Collection consists of Duration and Duration Premium architectural shingles in nontraditional color blends, including distinctive shades of red and blue.

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    Crimp-Free Connection

    With Ideal’s SpliceLine in-line wire connector, you can make a butt splice with no twisting or crimping.



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    Lenox Diamond Double Tang Blades

    To cut cast-iron pipe cleanly and quickly with a reciprocating saw, it's best to use diamond grit blades, says Lenox.

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    Milwaukee 2625-21 Hackzall

    For situations where you have to operate a recip saw with just one hand — because the other one is holding on to the material or a ladder — Milwaukee's new 18-volt 2625-21 Hackzall may be just the ticket.

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    Greenlee Quick Connect Flexible Installation Kit

    Electricians use long, flexible drill bits to make holes in hard-to-reach places — to bore through a row of joists from a ceiling box, for example, while leaving the drywall undisturbed.

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    Freud 10-Inch Combination Table-Saw Blade

    Freud's premier 10-inch combination table-saw blade now comes in a thin-kerf model.