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  • Lead-Safe Paint Removal

    Choosing the right tool can make a nasty job easier and safer.

  • Restoring an Old Porch

    Solid piers, strengthened framing, and durable finish materials promise a long life for this rejuvenated beauty.

  • Siding With Cedar Shingles

    Install a tight weather barrier, choose top-quality shingles, and use smart production techniques.

  • Tiling Over Plywood Subfloors

    For crack-free floors, limit joist deflection and install two layers of 3/4-inch plywood and a thinset membrane.



  • Letters

    Facing an expensive regulatory future; don't forget the fresh air; code-compliant windows



  • Image

    JLC Report

    OSHA moves to limit alternative fall protection; Senate votes to repeal much-criticized tax provision; Californians snap up smog-eating tile roofs; more




  • Durable Drywall

    For interior spaces susceptible to mold, Gold Bond offers gypsum board with a moisture-resistant core and fiberglass face.

  • Vent-Pipe Boot Repair

    Instead of ripping out and replacing a leaking pipe boot, try a noninvasive solution -- the Perma-Boot 312.

  • RRP Facilitator

    Do the complex procedures and record-keeping mandated by the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rule have you pulling out your hair?

  • Low-Profile Perimeter Drain

    The manufacturer of H-Cove claims that this retrofit basement water channel requires significantly less demolition and material replacement than other strategies for reducing basement moisture.

  • High-End HardiPlank

    The company that invented fiber-cement siding now has a premium line of this workhorse building material.

  • Attractive Water-Savers

    Three popular toilets from American Standard are now available as high-efficiency models.

  • Breathable Surface Protection

    The SurfacePro drop cloth is designed specifically for newly finished hardwood floors.

  • Flexible Corner Tape

    If you'd like to simplify the process of finishing drywall corners, take a look at FibaTape Composite Drywall Corner Tape.

  • Air-Cleaning Drywall

    Last year's news was full of stories about defective Chinese gypsum board making people sick.

  • Finer Filtration

    People who live in areas with questionable water quality might need more than a faucet filter.

  • Drywall Fixer

    The Mulligan promises to make repairing sloppy cuts around electrical boxes faster and easier.

  • Rain-Gutter Upgrade

    Most systems for preventing clogged gutters provide a barrier against leaves and debris.




  • Foolproof Reveals

    There are all sorts of devices for marking reveals, but few are as simple and easy to use as a TrimMaster.

  • Plug-in Brad Nailer

    If you're tired of lugging around a bulky compressor to power a tiny brad nailer, you might want to check out Arrow's new EBN320 RED Professional Electric Brad Nail Gun.

  • Pocket Screws for Decks

    The company that pioneered the use of hidden fasteners now offers a jig that helps you fasten deck boards.

  • Preset Angle Square

    Bora's Multi-Angle Adjustable Square is designed to combine the accuracy of a combination square with the versatility of a T-bevel.



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    Idaho Snake House

    It was a story to gladden the heart of an editor or blogger facing a slow news day: The nice-looking little house had been marked down from $175,000 to $109,200 because it was infested with ... snakes.