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  • Basic Pattern-Routing for Perfect Tread Returns

    As a full-time stairbuilder, I've learned that I can't always rely on premilled parts, especially when staircases get complicated.

  • Getting Started in Infrared

    During the late 1970s and early 1980s, I supervised residential insulation projects in central Vermont while working with a couple of regional agencies.

  • Replacing a Bulkhead Door

    Proper flashing and a solid base of pressure-treated lumber and cellular PVC promise long life

  • Rocking Solo

    With a few specialized tools and techniques, you can cost-effectively hang drywall by yourself.



  • Letters

    Reinforcing wood with steel; economics of attic insulation



  • JLC Report

    Regulators consider new table-saw safety standard; repair guidelines for tainted drywall updated; New Jersey framer fined for fall-protection violations; more


On the Job



  • Spray-Foam Fastener

    When I need a powerful gap-filling adhesive, I reach for a can of polyurethane foam. Touch 'n Seal is hoping roofers will do the same.

  • Dripless Glue

    Titebond says its new fast-drying PVA formulation for interior trim carpentry eases the hassle of assembling vertical joints.

  • Rot-Resistant Doors

    Endura's FrameSaver Door Frame is solid wood except for a 4-inch-long piece of composite finger-jointed to the bottom; this material, the maker says, is impervious to rot and insects and doesn't wick moisture.

  • Condensed Cooktop

    Dacor recently introduced a scaled-down version of its Distinctive Gas Cooktop.

  • Easy Access

    Homeowners who have difficulty reaching items on high shelves or bending down for low ones might appreciate the AutoPantry, a vertical closet carousel that brings everything within reach at the push of a button.

  • Two in One

    Whirlpool's Resource Saver Double Oven Range fits two separate ovens inside the footprint of a standard-size range, for a total capacity of 6.7 cubic feet.

  • Straw Doors

    Masonite says its new Safe 'N Sound Interior Doors are milled from a low-density fiberboard (called DorCor) that uses renewable wheat straw as its primary raw material.

  • Noninvasive Wiring

    FlatWire is a paper-thin copper wire approved for use in low-voltage lighting, audio, video, voice, and data applications.

  • Disappearing Vent Hood

    Miele's stainless steel Telescopic Downdraft Hood tucks away beneath the countertop until it's needed, at which point it pops up with the touch of button, topping out at 14 inches above the cooking surface.

  • Battery-Powered Shades

    The QMotion may look like a simple pull-down shade, but a motor and battery pack are concealed inside its roller tube.

  • Simplified Crown

    Not everyone relishes the challenge of coping and mitering crown molding.

  • No-Mess Tile

    Adhesive tile mats - self-adhesive sheets with peel-off liners on both sides - allow you to fasten tile to surfaces without dipping a trowel in a bucket of glue.



  • Image

    Makita LS1216L Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    The older I get, the more I tend to favor smaller and lighter power tools that are easy to move around the job site.

  • Milwaukee Cordless Heated Jacket

    For folks who live in a northern climate, the hardest part of any winter workday is that gut-check moment when you turn off your truck's heater and trudge out into the cold.



  • Back Saver

    The Handle on Demand (HOD) uses suction to provide a convenient handhold on any nonporous surface.

  • Cordless Siding Cutter

    The EZ Shear SST is designed to cut wood, vinyl, and fiber-cement siding products silently, without electricity and without kicking up a cloud of dust.

  • Multipurpose Knife

    Unlike other snap-blade knives, Tajima’s Driver Cutter has a stiff tip on the front edge of the blade sleeve that can be used to drive slotted screws, remove staples, or pry open paint-can lids.

  • Saw Stabilizer

    With the new DSH-FSC Gas Saw Floor Cart, users of handheld gas saws can make precision cuts that would otherwise require a bulky, walk-behind saw, Hilti says.



  • Image

    Gift From the Sea

    A remodeler encountering a layer of Cabot's Quilt inside an old building might mistake it for the tattered remnants of a Hawaiian grass skirt -- hastily stuffed into a wall, perhaps, during a police raid of some Prohibition-era costume party.