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    The Case of the Leaky Sunspace and the Brick Wall

    For years water dripped into offices housed in a glass enclosure -- for days after rainstorms had stopped. Do you know why and how to fix it?

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    Tightening Up a Two-Family House

    Chasing down and fixing energy leaks in an old house can be tricky and expensive, but utility incentives may help.

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    Compact Routers

    These tools are more powerful, flexible, and convenient than traditional laminate trimmers.

  • Troubleshooting Brick Veneer

    Diagnose the flashing flaws that allow moisture to get into the cavity and ruin sheathing, framing, and interior finishes, then correct them once and for all.

  • Figure 3. Instead of lowering the new mudroom floor to match the elevation of the old entry into the garage, as called for by the plans (left), the author took advantage of an extension to the garage roof (above) to create headroom above the old garage. This allowed him to raise the entryway and keep the mudroom floor at the same level.

    Expanding a Kitchen

    Even a small addition presents a number of structural challenges.




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    Wine Fridge

    Miele's Under Counter Wine Storage Unit fits into almost any size kitchen

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    Tough Roof

    NovaSeal underlayment is lighter and stronger than felt and provides better coverage, says maker

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    Thumb-Operated Shower

    Moen's Twist handheld shower allows users to change spray patterns with one hand

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    Stylish Sidelights

    A stylish new option for Therma-Tru's Classic-Craft entry doors

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    Shrink-Resistant Floor Tie.

    The SDWF structural wood screw is designed to help compensate for a structure's shrinkage over time

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    Shoe Storage

    ShoeSelect is an electric conveyor that packs two columns of shoes in a closet

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    Rotating Shower

    The FlipSide showerhead rotates to deliver four different sprays

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    LED Bulbs

    Verbatim says its PAR38 LEDs dramatically reduce energy consumption

  • Construction site of shopping center


    Instead of heating the entire building to protect a cold-weather concrete pour, put the heat just where it's needed

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    Fiberglass Doors.

    GlassCraft says its Artisan and Estate doors look and feel like wood

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    Affordable Fixtures

    These sinks, toilets, and tubs provide top-quality design at affordable prices, says the maker