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  • November 2014 Letters

    Emailing proposals; strapping ceilings; caulking fiber-cement joints

  • October Letters

    Installing kitchen cabinets in plane, misclassifying workers, Lowe's lumber-sizing lawsuit

  • Letters

    Contractor education requirements, bolts for attaching sills to foundations, energy-saving tips, sprinkler mandate


In the News

  • Can the Housing Market Recover?

    Sales of newly built homes surged last month to the highest level since 2008. But overall the housing market's slipped.



On the Job




  • Trackless Door Guides

    Allow for smoother transitions with trackless door guides on bypass and multi-pass doors.

  • De-Nailer Air Hammer Attachment

    Make jobsite deconstruction easier with this nail-removing air-hammer attachment.

  • Bluetooth-Enabled Leverset

    This smartphone-activated entryset can accommodate multiple access codes.

  • Nostalgic Light Fixtures

    Glass beads inside clear shades create a nostalgic effect.

  • LED Nightlight

    Outlet cover plates use built-in LEDs to light the night.

  • Pneumatic Flooring Stapler

    Light-weight and ergonomically designed, this pneumatic stapler weighs just 11 pounds.

  • Low-Profile Dryer Vent

    This quick-installing vent is designed for easy installation and low maintenance.

  • Custom Range Hoods

    Using your choice of materials and finishes from its available options, RangeCraft can customize its kitchen rangehood designs for your projects.

  • Concrete Additive

    According to Super-Krete, a bottle of Concrete Boost can help harden and waterproof concrete while strengthening it by up to 23%.

  • Durable Prefinished Flooring

    Oil-look matte styles join Bellawood's prefinished flooring line.

  • Immagini 4704

    Wood-Look Porcelain Tile

    Available in four "species," these tiles mimic the look of wood.

  • Affordable Laser Measurer

    For its small size, the GLM 15 can measure up to 50 feet with 1/8-inch accuracy.

  • Modular Egress Window Well

    Modular units stack together to accommodate a wide range of window depths.

  • Radiant Barrier Roof Panel

    These roof panels can help lower attic temperatures and protect against moisture.

  • M18¢ 1/4" Hex Right Angle Impact Driver

    Pistol-Grip Impact Tools

    A new impact driver and a new impact wrench are designed to reach fasteners in tight places.

  • Dust-Free Jobsites

    This dust-control system pulls air through two filters at a rate of 36,000 cubic feet per hour.

  • Versatile Shower Door Panels

    These shower doors offer an anodized aluminum frame with an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

  • Portable Safety Fencing

    The system includes fencing, posts, and bases that fit together to create a protective barrier.

  • Low-VOC Adhesive

    Latex-based Extreme Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive is gunnable in a wide range of temperatures.

  • Pop-Down Drain

    Rather than the usual protruding stopper and lift rod, this drain has a "pop-down" design.

  • Hand-Crafted Pendants

    These colorful glass pendants are available in a choice of four geometric shapes.

  • OSB App

    A free app helps users troubleshoot OSB problems on the jobsite.

  • Door Saver

    The oversize nickel-plated reinforcing plate, bracket, and screws can be used to repair or prevent damage to the jamb.

  • Knife Groove

    Installs in any countertop to keep sharp blades at hand.

  • Solid Footing

    An extra-large platform allows the user to face in any direction.

  • Polypropylene Deck Ledger Spacer

    Mounted behind the deck ledger, Deck2Wall spacers promote air circulation and prevent debris from collecting.

  • Quad-Glazed Windows

    Several glazing options are available, including R-15 quad glazing.

  • Custom Storage

    Uprights support up to 150 pounds per square foot.

  • Digital Lock

    Let your clients unlock their doors using Bluetooth technology.

  • Hip Vent

    A new low-profile vent is designed for hip roofs.




  • Stilts Beyond Drywall

    Stilts have been—and continue to be—used for a wide range of purposes beyond hanging and finishing drywall.

  • To the Lighthouse

    It's not your typical summer-home renovation, but you can't beat the view.


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