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  • December 2014 Letters

    House on wrong lot; OSHA; I-joist roofs; home-performance contracting profitable where energy prices are high

  • November 2014 Letters

    Emailing proposals; strapping ceilings; caulking fiber-cement joints

  • October Letters

    Installing kitchen cabinets in plane, misclassifying workers, Lowe's lumber-sizing lawsuit


In the News

  • Can the Housing Market Recover?

    Sales of newly built homes surged last month to the highest level since 2008. But overall the housing market's slipped.



On the Job





  • Wireless Tool Charger

    The new inductive charger works with special 18-volt 2.0-Ah Li-ion batteries.

  • Mighty Nail Puller

    Because it grabs nails without cutting through the nail shank, The Extractor can help with deconstruction work where you want to preserve the materials for reuse.

  • De Walt Bluetooth Radio Adaptor

    This receiver plugs into any radio with a 3.5mm auxiliary port and lets you wirelessly stream content from your smartphone from up to 100 feet away.

  • Max Leverage Pliers

    If you make heavy cuts all day long, compound cut pliers are the way to go.

  • Mobile DeWalt Jobsite Table Saws

    This powerful, precise, and stable saw has a maximum rip capacity of 32 1/2 inches.

  • Industrial- Grade Tool Totes

    A durable polypropylene base protects the contents and holds the walls of the bag upright.

  • Bolt Security Locks

    These bolt locks automatically program themselves to match the ignition keys of most vehicles.

  • High-Speed Chalk-Line Reel

    The manufacturer's lastest reel offers smoother winding and a 6:1 gear ratio that speeds line retrieval.



  • For the Birds

    Unlike their more modern cousins, dovecotes in medieval Europe weren't simply decorative.

  • Stilts Beyond Drywall

    Stilts have been—and continue to be—used for a wide range of purposes beyond hanging and finishing drywall.

  • To the Lighthouse

    It's not your typical summer-home renovation, but you can't beat the view.


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