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    Sound Off

    Apply a sound-deadening element to wall systems with acoustical sound sealant.

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    Clean Seal

    Guaranteed not to allow mildew growth for seven years, MildewFree comes in convenient project-size packaging.

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    Grab Hold

    Nine times tackier than other products on the market, Power Grab Clear works for a variety of materials and projects.

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    It’s All in the Name

    DAP's new labeling technique makes choosing the right adhesive or sealant easy.

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    Cordless Cut

    Weighing less than 30 pounds, this saw is ideal for moving room-to-room for flooring installation and other projects.

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    Drilling Down

    This second-generation tool was redesigned from the ground up for improved performance over the previous model and its competitors.

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    Powerful Finish

    Straight and angled 16-gauge nailers join this compressed air-powered product line.

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    Rule of Three

    Three new technologies come together to maximize performance in this cordless tool line.

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    Long-Term Commitment

    Combine Lifetime shingles and three other GAF accessories for a valuable warranty on an entire roof system.

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    Eagle–Eye View

    Aerial images add accuracy to roof measurements for a low fee.

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    Clean up Your Mesh

    A range of new and updated products are available to make gutter protection a lucrative business opportunity.

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    Furniture Features

    Standalone cabinetry with furniture styling underscores an elegant spa bathroom look.

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    Custom on a Budget

    Value engineered to maximize quality and minimize price, Katana is a more affordable frameless cabinetry option.

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    Step Out of Frame

    A new value-priced line of frameless cabinetry brings a popular trend to a more affordable pricepoint.

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    Caught on Film: Window Film Fundamentals

    Rather than replacing otherwise solid windows, adding window films can boost energy efficiency and offer other benefits as well.

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    Strong Frame

    Strong frame construction and a durable fiberglass finish offer a wood look with longevity.

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    Totally Re-Tooled

    A range of new features are available on this updated classic.

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    New Species

    A new cherry finish expands available options for the AvantGuard line of fiberglass entry doors.