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    Backdoor: Storm Maker

    Storm Maker

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    Staff Report: Blackout Power Solutions

    The small, gasoline-powered portable generator is the classic ad hoc response to a major power outage. Yet it may be the homeowner's worst possible choice. Able to provide only enough output for a few lights and a refrigerator, gas-powered generators need frequent refueling and make a lot of noise...

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    Breakline: An Ocean of Energy

    An Ocean of Energy ~ Virtual Tsunamis

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    Design: Gambrel Roof Structures and Wind Uplift

    Gambrel Roof Structures and Wind Uplift

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    Residential Framing Revised ~ Backdrafting Reminder ~ No Free Lunch

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    Paint It Green

    As federal and state governments try to get a handle on the pollution problem and the impact of "volatile organic compounds," or VOCs, they're turning their attention to paint. A cascade of regulations, moving from the EPA down through regional commissions and finally taking effect at the state...

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    Hot Roof ~ Heavyweight Contender ~ Job-Site Desktop ~ Strong-Wall Resource ~ ADA-Approved Door Handles ~ Sweet Cedar Railing ~ Flexible Arches ~ Steel Column Templates ~ Low-Vibration Recip Saw ~ Uplift Panel ~ Impact Curtain

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    Plywood vs. OSB: Which Is Better?