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  • A Guide to Plastic Laminates

    By Ed Pell. What's the difference between high-pressure laminates, melamine panels, papers, vinyls, and other cabinet surfaces?

  • Auto-Faucets & Euro-Cabinets

    By Patrick J. Galvin. New materials and products from the functional and elegant to the downright bizarre. Electronic bathtubs, anyone?

  • New Plumbing Code: Cutting Costs or Cutting Corners?

    By Milton Snyder. The new CABO plumbing code allows smaller water, drain, and vent pipes that NAHB claims can save up to 36 percent in piping-materials costs. But at what cost in quality?

  • Scribing with a Router

    By Art Betterley. Tips for trimming laminates, countertops, and cabinets to fit in irregular spaces.

  • Thin-Set Ceramic Tile

    By Harry T. Swanson. Old mud-style jobs are too expensive, and mastic over drywall is too vulnerable to water. Thin-set offers an alternative.

  • What's Wrong with Builders' Kitchens?

    By Geoffrey Taylor. Don't just throw in a set of stock cabinets as an afterthought. Rather, think it through like a cook.




  • On The House

    Foundation Cracking, Insulating Log-Home Foundations, Pressure-Treated Wood Foundations, Climate Concerns, Shingling Over Shingles, Insulation Retrofit








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