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  • Communication: The Key to Remodeling Success

    Spell out your expectations and commitments at the beginning, or be prepared for misunderstandings that can mushroom into financial disaster. H enri de Marne proves his point with two case studies.

  • Conference Report: Timber Framers' Guild

    Roving Editor Paul Hanke expected a mass melee over the topic of stress skins, but he found a good old celebration of timber- framing finesse instead.

  • Confessions of a Renovator

    How a starry-eyed-builder learned the hard way about architects, customer relations and 100-year-old farmhouses. Roland Merullo tells all.

  • Delicate Demolition

    There's more to demolition than sawing, sledging and hoping for the b est. Engineer Harris Hyrnan reviews the principles and techniques of removing part of a standing structure.

  • How Retrofitting Can Hurt Bricks

    Canadian correspondent Jon Eakes explains how adding insulation to a brick wall or masonry foundation can do more harm than good—unless you deal with moisture movement first.

  • Sound Advice on Renovations

    During renovation is an ideal time to improve sound control in a building. Author Jon Eakes explains simple, inexpensive techniques for keeping rooms quiet.




  • On The House

    What Do Test Pits Really Tell Us? Detecting 'Hidden' Damage in Wood, Insulating Under Aluminum Siding








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