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  • Cutting Jack Rafters

    How to lay out and cut these mind-benders—without getting a migraine.

  • Flashing Primer

    Flashing is the weak link in any roofing system. Here are tips and techniques for getting it right with slate, wood, asphalt, and clay roofing.

  • Mystery of the Ghost Lines

    Many stressed-skin roofs have joint lines that “ telegraph” up through the roofing. Here are a few theories why—and one solution.

  • Roofs: Structural Basics

    Topping off a three-part series on structure with a look at snow loads, rafter thrust, and dormer design.

  • Single-Plies for Small Jobs

    The single-ply revolution is not just for acre-size industrial roofs. Many options are just right for small jobs, too.

  • Truss Bracing

    Last month we documented a major truss collapse. This month, we show you how to avoid such problems—based on the findings and recommendations of the Truss Plate Institute.

  • Wood Shakes and Shingles

    They’re pretty to look at, but may not last long unless installed right and maintained.











Kitchen & Bath

  • Kitchen & Bath: Elbow Room

    Placing three fixtures in the average minimum is 18 inches on the right of 5x7- or 6x8-foot bathroom is simple the toilet centerline for a rightenough for most builders, who have handed person, and 12 inches on the long experience with the small spaces.