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  • Building Curved Walls

    Simple step-by-step techniques for laying out and building attractive curved walls.

  • Customizing Closets

    The old board-and-pole closet doesn’t make it in today’s marketplace. A closet specialist shows how to offer custom solutions at a modest cost.

  • Roach-Free Remodeling

    Through integrated pest management, the remodeler can make his inner-city projects inhospitable to roaches, but favorable to restaurants and residences.

  • Safety Glass Rules & Regs

    Once for cars only, codes and federal laws now require safety glass in nearly every new building. This article, adapted from National Glass Association publications, explains the key provisions in simple terms.

  • Smart House Sweepstakes

    Electronically controlled homes will soon be commonplace. But whether they’ll follow the NAHB Smart House standard, or something entirely different, is still up for grabs.

  • Sound-Studio Retrofit

    How an old warehouse was transformed into a professional sound studio — using off-the-shelf materials and a good understanding of sound transmission.

  • Traditional Looks for Sale

    Corbels, balustrades, sconces, and friezes have found their way back into new and renovation projects. Here’s a survey of the growing marketplace.

  • Beyond the Basic Septic System: Practical Alternatives

    Difficult sites, high-density development, and environmental concerns have inspired promising alternatives to traditional on-site sewage treatment.

  • Hardware for Quality Kitchen Cabinets

    Well-engineered hardware brings ease to both the installer and user. A cabinetmaker describes his favorite materials and techniques.

  • Installing Whirlpools & Spas

    A remodeler/spa dealer describes the steps to take for a safe and trouble-free installation.

  • Custom Work With Plastic Laminates

    A cabinetmaker shares tips that can make your cabinets and countertops stand out from the crowd.

  • Preparing for Ceramic Tile

    A noted tile authority describes where to find the proper specs for tile work, and how to apply them in your region.

  • What's New in Kitchens and Baths?

    Our K&B editor surveys the marketplace and finds upgraded materials and fancier features for the year ahead.

  • Barrier-Free Building Basics

    With simple modifications, your designs can accommodate the elderly and disabled—a fast-growing segment of the population.

  • The Changing Face of Floor Finishes

    The pros and cons of today’s major wood floor finishes are examined by an industry insider.

  • Plate Joinery Comes of Age

    This Swiss-designed tool offers improved joinery to cabinetmakers and finish carpenters.

  • Coping with Sealed Glass Failures

    Sooner or later, nearly all insulated glass units will fog up. Here’s the products and policies to keep you out of trouble.

  • Success with Hardwood Flooring

    A hardwood flooring contractor describes the prep work and moisture controls needed to achieve top results.

  • Troubleshooting Floor Plans

    A design consultant offers tips on how to catch and correct common floor plan errors.

  • Wide Plank Floors

    Tips on buying and installing random-width plank floor.

  • Wood Fire Doors: Meeting the Codes

    Commercial doors and assemblies must meet a complex set of criteria—described in this excerpt from the Architectural Woodwork Institute’s Fire Code Summary.

  • Working with Flagstone

    A practical guide to laying out and installing one of nature’s most attractive and durable flooring products.

  • Design/Build for Remodelers: One Company's Approach

    How one Connecticut remodeler turned give-away design work into a profitable company asset.

  • Estimating for Profit in Remodeling

    Unrecognized open costs eat up many contractors’ profits year after year. Here’s how to get a handle on these slippery figures.

  • Fire Safety & Historic Preservation

    Two experts discuss how to balance the goals of preservation with the need for fire safety.

  • Getting into Home Inspection

    A leading home-inspector discusses the problems and opportunities facing participants in this fast-growing industry.

  • House Moving -- Piece by Piece

    How and why a one-of-a-kind building company dismantles old houses, moves them to distant cities, and rebuilds them better than new.

  • Refurbishing Wood Gutters

    A detailed guide for the repair and maintenance of the crowning detail on many historic buildings.

  • Sill Repair & Jacking

    A third-generation structural repair contractor tells how to diagnose and fix rotted sills and joist ends.

  • Getting Practical: Energy Details that Builders Can Live With

    A look at what details work best in the field, based on feedback from a number of custom builders.

  • Heating System Retrofits

    A hands-on account of how to make a new boiler or furnace work smoothly with the old pipes, ducts, and flues.

  • How To Survive and Prosper Building Low-Energy Homes

    Is energy-efficient building a labor of love, or can you actually make a decent living at it? A dozen builders share insights into their successes and failures.

  • Integrated HVAC: One Box Does It All

    New combination appliances blend boilers, furnaces, water heaters, and air exchangers for economy and efficiency.

  • No-Frills Fresh Air

    Northwest builders are working hard to devise low-cost systems that effectively ventilate tight houses. Here are some options.

  • Shopping for Superwindows

    Low-e, suspended films, argon gas, etc. make sorting through manufacturers’ claims harder than ever. Find out what high-performance glass is right for you.

  • Tapping the Earth for Cheap Heat

    The stable temperature of the earth makes ground-coupled heat pumps a viable choice for cold climates. Here’s a look at cost-effective approaches.

  • Assessing Difficult Sites

    A prominent Denver land planner discusses the importance of thoroughly, and quickly, evaluating a development site before making a purchase.












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