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  • Contracts: Reading the Red-Flag Clauses

    The General Conditions of a construction contract cover most of the conflicts you might encounter. It’s dry reading, but if you want to play the game, don’t you want to know the rules?

  • Diversification & the Small Builder

    You can put your building talents to use in many different ways—from home inspection to real estate management.But you need to find out the right mix for profits and peace of mind.

  • Mark-Up Basics

    Big volume does not mean big profits,unless you charge enough for your work.Here ’s how to figure out the right price for your jobs.

  • Conference Report: Timber Framers Confab

    Last June ’s heavy-timber get-together was bigger and better than ever, according to NEB’s own framing afficianado.

  • Top Cat on the Crew: The Bookkeeper

    Accurate tracking of purchases, salaries, subs, and expenses is essential to business success. But don’t try to do it yourself, unless you’re willing to give up running production or sales.

  • Writing an Employee Manual

    Good employees don’t grow on trees. They are carefully cultivated through good management. Having clear policies stated in a manual is a good place to start.










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