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  • Defeating Ice Dams

    They tear up roofs and stain ceilings across the snow belt. But ice dams should stay away if you follow these guidelines.

  • Details for Rooftop Decks

    Roofers may not like it, but consumers often want rooftop living spaces. Before you build one, read these tips.

  • Inspecting Sloped Roofs

    A leading home inspector tells you how to identify and diagnose problems on asphalt, slate, wood, and tile roofs.

  • Modified Bitumen: Top Choice for Residential Flat Roofs

    Roofing chemists have developed asphalt-based membranes with rubber-like properties and long lives. One type has simple peel-and-stick installation.

  • New Twists in Tiles, Shakes, & Shingles

    NEB surveys the new species of concrete shakes, plastic slates, metal tiles, and other curious combinations that vie for upscale looks and modest price tags.

  • Restoring and Treating Wood Shakes and Shingles

    Cupping, splitting, and decay often cut short the life of cedar roofing. But newly developed treatments can boost a shingle’s lifespan and looks.

  • Slate Roof Repairs

    If you’re adding a skylight, or just need to replace a few broken slates, follow this simple step-by-step repair guide.










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