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  • A Facelift for Main Street

    Commercial remodelers have devised ingenious, low-cost ways to spiff up storefronts and restore downtown retail districts. Here’s how.

  • How To Get Bonded

    Most public work and larger commercial projects require a surety bond. A bonding agent explains the hurdles you must jump to qualify.

  • Lighting a Retail Store

    How well a store is lit affects its sales and its bottom line. This lighting consultant gets down to the details using a recent retail project as an example.

  • Quick Response Sprinklers

    Sprinkler contractors describe how fast-acting heads and plastic piping are revolutionizing fire protection in light-frame buildings.

  • Roof Deck Renovations

    A third-generation roofing contractor describes the range of deck types you’ll find on commercial roofs and how to safely cut through in remodeling work.

  • Cabinet Refacing: The Big Cover-Up

    Refacing offers an economical alternative to a complete kitchen overhaul. The results can be attractive and the jobs profitable.

  • Leakproof Shower Pans

    A veteran tile contractor describes his favorite pan materials and techniques for a durable, leak-free job.

  • New Products Put on the Glitz

    New k&b products continue their upscale climb at this year’s industry show. JLC contributor Pat Galvin looks at the pick of the glitter.

  • Sauna Design & Construction

    Popular with Finns since the time of the Roman Empire, these retreats have found a new popularity in U.S. health clubs and homes. Here’s how to select and install one.

  • Saving Water Pays Dividends

    The conventional wisdom says that a business suffers if water-saving devices are mandated. This resort developer disagrees and has five years of success to prove his point.

  • Tips for Trouble-Free Tile

    Tile work is expensive and highly visible. Whether you do your own work or sub it ot, these tips from an expert tile-setter will help keep you out of trouble.

  • Building an Indoor Pool Enclosure

    A specialist in pool enclosures describes the construction of a timber-framed pool room that’s energy efficient and free of condensation problems.

  • Furnace Add-Ons That Clean the Air

    Growing concern over indoor air is boosting interest in electrostatic and electronic air cleaners. Here’s a cost-and-performance look at the most practical options.

  • Inside Influences: Trends in Home Design

    Changes in the way Americans live; others are just whim. Either way, it pays to pay attention. Here’s a room-by-room look.

  • Making It Accessible: The HUD Requirement and Beyond

  • Party Wall Options

    In addition to meeting code, party walls should provide both quiet and peace of mind. A multi-fam production manager tells how to choose the best system.

  • Practical Solutions to Sticky Problems

    Adhesives play a big role on the job site, but the choices can confuse. This survey of contractors and experts guides you to the right adhesive for the job.

  • Retrofitting Houses for Seniors

    As the U.S. population ages, more homes will need modifications for the elderly. Here’s an overview of the market and the skills and attitudes needed to succeed.

  • Shooting Textured Ceilings

    If replacing a ceiling, or patching and painting it are too expensive, consider a fast and economical “blown” texture. A painter explains how, step-by-step.

  • Discovering Architectural Millworks

    Architectural millwork doesn’t cost much more than lumberyard work. A pro tells how you can use this specialty trade to tackle complex jobs.

  • Evaluating Wood Structures

    Don’t be surprised by structural problems halfway through a renovation. An engineer tells you how to spot trouble early in a quick walk-through inspection.

  • Letting Them Know You're the Best

    If you’re in remodeling for the long haul, it’s not enough just to do good work. These practical marketing tips will make sure that your reputation precedes you.

  • Lead Paint: A Renovator's Hazard

    The push is on to legislate that older homes be stripped of lead paint. This update provides practical guidelines on how to proceed when faced with a lead-abatement job.

  • Mall Remodeling: On the Road Again

    A traveling mall remodeler talks about the tools of his trade and the difficulties of working within the frantic schedule of retail rehab.

  • Opportunities in Insurance Repair

    Insurance restoration accounts for $30 billion of construction business a year. A leader in the field describes the special challenges and rewards of this largely untapped market.

  • Porch Repair From The Bottom Up

    Two preservationists describe step-by-step how to rehab an expansive porch—starting with sagging floors, tilted columns, and peeling paint.

  • Simple Scheduling for Remodelers

    A leading remodeler describes a practical way to track multiple jobs—despite the fact that most remodeling jobs run by Murphy’s Law.

  • Filling Cavities: Retrofit Foam Update

    The dream of a quick and effective retrofit foam insulation did not die with the ban on ureaformaldehyde. We examine the new products available.

  • Getting the Kinks Out of High-Efficiency Furnaces

    Critics charge that many super-efficient furnaces hit the market without adequate testing. What bugs have turned up and how do the newest models fare? An industry insider brings us up to date.

  • Building Healthy Houses

    How an Indiana builder helps chemically sensitive clients avoid exposure to the more than 500 volatile chemicals found in today’s building materials.

  • Installing Factory-Built Fireplaces

    To deliver good performance, manufactured fireplace components must be installed as the system designers intended. Here’s a rundown of the key requirements.

  • Radiant Barriers - High Performance or Hype

    With their sudden popularity, the shiny sheets have spawned equal measures of marketing hype and scientific research. Here’s how the claims reckon with the facts.

  • Contractor Tips for Spray Cellulose

    Spray cellulose outperforms fiberglass, says this insulation contractor, but it takes extra care in the prep work. He lists item-by-item what needs attention.













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