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  • Case Study: Estimating by the Stick

    This inside look at three competing bids shows some of the strategies small builders use to quickly arrive at accurate estimates.

  • Interview: Hiring and Handling Subs

    Steve Farrell, project manager of a fourth-generation remodeling company, tells how to find good subs and get good work from them.

  • Keep-It-Simple Accounting for the Mac

    The best accounting program is one that closely fits the way you do business. A Macintosh consultant reviews three entry-level programs with small builders in mind.

  • Building Stairs with Stock Parts: Part I

    An experienced stair builder gives step-by-step instruction. In Part I, this month, we cover layout and installation of finish skirts, risers, and treads.

  • Plastic Tub-Shower Units

    It’s tempting to take whatever your supplier has on hand in plastic fixtures, but all units are not alike. Here’s a look at which materials perform best.

  • No Job Too Small

    Two remodelers describe how small jobs play a key role in their businesses and what steps they’ve taken to make them profitable.





  • Q&A: OSB On Roofs

    Q: Does OSB have the same nail-holding ability as plywood? I want to use it as roof sheathing, but I am nervous about blow-offs.

  • Q&A: Painting Asphalt Shingles

    Q: Our clients are unhappy with the color of their roof now that the house has been painted. The asphalt shingles are less than 2 years old and are in very good condition. Is there any way to change the color of the shingles without replacing them?

  • Q&A: Treated Wood Foundations

    Q: Can wood foundations built with pressure-treated wood be framed like conventional frame walls, or does the stud spacing need to be increased? How do you seal the outside to prevent water seepage?

  • Q&A: Sealing Stone Countertops

    Q: How should I seal marble and granite countertops? To be used in a kitchen, a surface should be waterproof, heat resistant, stain resistant, and safe for food preparation.