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  • Flat Roof Repair Guide

    Diagnosing and fixing roof leaks takes detective work and knowledge of a wide range of materials. A roofing authority shares his experience.

  • Framing Tower Roofs

    A production roof cutter and custom builder describes an easy method to frame a conical tower roof.

  • Panic Bar Primer

    Today’s panic bars are relatively easy to install, and can give residential contractors a foot in the door when it comes to commercial work.

  • The Perils of Design/Build

    Contractors who market their design services face hurdles in many stages. Here’s a rundown of the legal and insurance obstacles you’re likely to encounter.

  • Shopping for Custom Trusses

    Trusses are no longer just for simple roofs and big-volume builders. A manufacturer explains their new versatility and economy.

  • Simple Ventilation for Tight Houses

    Air-to-hear exchangers aren’t the only way to ventilate tight houses. A designer of low-energy homes looks at three less expensive options.





  • Q&A: Shingling Over Tar and Gravel

    Q: I would like to replace a tar and gravel roof with asphalt shingles. What is the best way to strip off the old roof? Or can I avoid stripping the roof and sheath over the tar and gravel?

  • Q&A: How Soon Can Forms Be Stripped

    Q: How soon can concrete forms be stripped from a foundation wall? Can we build on them as soon as they’re stripped?

  • Q&A: Design Values For Site-Made Beams

    Q: How do you calculate the load-carrying capacity of plywood strips in a site-laminated plywood and lumber header or beam?








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