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  • Concrete Cutting & Drilling

    Slicing and boring concrete can be fast and economical if you rent the right tools — or hire the right sub.

  • Interview: Demolition With Care

    A high-end remodeler describes the finer points of tearing out: from hand-holding and bidding to shoring and jacking.

  • A Victorian Cupola

    A woodworker builds a traditional New England cupola with a curved hip roof.

  • How Big is a House

    Not all 2,000-square-foot houses have the same usable living area. Here’s how professionals measure square footage.

  • Introduction to Critical Path

    CPM scheduling is a big-job technique that can pay off for the small builder as well. A management pro walks you through the basic techniques.

  • Plumbing Pointers for Remodelers

    A few plumbing surprises can easily blow your estimate. A master plumber tells you what to look for on a pre-bid inspection.

  • Unit-Cost Estimating for Remodeling

    Unit pricing is faster than stick bidding, and can be just as accurate. A remodeling expert tells how.





  • Q&A: Tying New Slab to Existing

    Q: What is the best way to tie the new slab floor of an addition to an existing slab-on-grade foundation?

  • Q&A: Water Stains on Glulams

    Q: On a recent job we had trouble with rain water getting through the paper wrapping on some architectural grade glulam beams. How can the water stains be removed?

  • Q&A: Painting Over Smoke Damaged Walls

    Q: Is there a paint or sealer that will encapsulate the smell of smoke on fire-damaged walls?

  • Q&A: Will Cellulose Make the Ceiling Sag?

    Q: I am planning to build with 12 inches or more of blown-in cellulose insulation in the ceilings. How much insulation can you put in a ceiling before the unsupported drywall between joists sags? I usually use 1/2-inch drywall with trusses 24 inches on-center.

  • Q&A: Copper Corrosion on Cedar Roofs

    Q: Can copper flashing be used with cedar shingles? I was told the natural oils in the cedar can corrode the copper.

  • Q&A: Best Primer & Paint for Stucco

    Q: What is the best primer and paint for an unpainted stucco exterior?









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